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Hans von Schubert

Hans Georg Wilhelm von Schubert (born December 12, 1859 in Dresden , † May 6, 1931 in Heidelberg ) was a German Protestant theologian and historian.


Schubert came from an old Saxon civil servant family. His father was the Saxon Lieutenant General Gustav von Schubert (1824–1907). His mother Mathilde Barth came from Hamburg. Through his mother he was a nephew of Heinrich Barth , who traveled to Africa, and on his father's side traces of his ancestry can be traced back to the Nuremberg council clerk and reformer Lazarus Spengler .

After obtaining his higher education entrance qualification at the Vitzthum-Gymnasium Dresden , von Schubert initially studied history and literary history at the universities of Leipzig , Bonn , Strasbourg and Zurich . But soon he switched to studying theology, for which he attended the University of Tübingen and the University of Halle-Wittenberg . In 1884 he received his doctorate in history from the University of Strasbourg and in 1887 was employed as a teacher at the Rauhen Haus in Hamburg.

In 1891 Schubert became an associate professor of theology with a focus on church history at the University of Strasbourg, where he received an honorary theological doctorate in 1892. In the same year he went to Kiel University as a full professor of theology , became a consistorial councilor and member of the Kiel consistory of the Schleswig-Holstein regional church in 1897 and moved to Heidelberg University in 1906 as a full professor of theology . There he became secretary of the Heidelberg Academy of Sciences , was a full member of the Baden Historical Commission and in 1919 took over the chairmanship of the Association for the History of the Reformation .


One son and five daughters are known from his marriage to Bertha, the daughter of Wilhelm Köppern from Hagen in Westphalia, on May 24, 1887. We know from the children:

  • Gertrud von Schubert (* 1888)
  • Margarethe von Schubert (* 1892)
  • Hans Hellmuth von Schubert (1894–1918)
  • Else von Schubert (* 1895)
  • Irmgard von Schubert (* 1896)
  • Erika Dinkler-von Schubert (1904–2002), wife of the Heidelberg Protestant theologian Erich Dinkler (1909–1981)

Works (selection)

  • Submission of the Alemanni to the Franks. 1884
  • Rome's struggle for world domination. 1888
  • The evangelical marriage, its historical development and current significance. 1890
  • Peter's Gospel (with synoptic tables). 1893
  • Development of the Schleswig Holstein regional church. 1895
  • Transylvania. 1900
  • Prospects and tasks of the evangelical mission. 1900
  • Ansgar and the beginnings of Schleswig Holstein's church history. 1901
  • Textbook of Church History I. 1902 (revised by Nicolaus Müller)
  • Today's conception and treatment of church history. 1902
  • Praedestinatus. 1903
  • Foundations of Church History III. 1906
  • The Hamburg chapter dispute and Martin Bucer. 1904
  • Hamburg, the mission metropolis of the north in the Middle Ages. 1904
  • Brief history of Christian charity. II. 1905
  • Church history of Schleswig Holstein I. 1907
  • Luther and his dear Germans, a popular publication for the Reformation celebration, DVA. 1917
  • The history of the German faith 1925
  • The struggle of spiritual and secular law . Winter, Heidelberg 1927 ( digitized version )


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