Hartmann Ibach

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Hartmann Ibach (* around 1487 in Marburg ; † 1533 or later there) was a theologian and Protestant preacher during the Reformation .


Ibach was a member of the Teutonic Order in Marburg from 1505 to 1516 and entered the local barefoot monastery in 1516 . Since 1520/1521 follower of the Lutheran doctrine, he has since preached in various places in Hesse. In March 1522 Wilhelm Nesen , the rector of the Frankfurt Latin School , which had recently been founded , called him to Frankfurt am Main . At the invitation of influential patricians , especially Hamman von Holzhausen , he gave the first Lutheran sermons in Frankfurt. Holzhausen made the small church of the Katharinenkloster available to him, of which he was the caretaker at the time.

Ibach preached on March 9th (Sunday Invocavit ) and on March 11th and 13th 1522 a total of three times on the topics of celibacy , veneration of saints and interest payments to the clergy, which were popular at the time . The central points of Lutheran theology, in particular the doctrine of justification and the doctrine of the Lord's Supper , played no role.

Ibach's sermons caused unrest among the citizens of Frankfurt, as there had been great dissatisfaction with the urban clergy in the city since the last decades of the 15th century. The parish rights lay with the imperial monastery of St. Bartholomew , which was subordinate to the Archbishop of Mainz . As a result of Ibach's sermons, there were individual attacks against clergymen of the monastery.

Thereupon the dean, Friedrich Martorf, and the pastor Peter Meyer forced the expulsion of Ibach by the council. Ibach went to Kronberg , where he continued his sermons against the Frankfurt clergy. He got the Kronberg knights to ultimately demand in a memorandum to the council that Ibach be readmitted as a preacher in Frankfurt. Their demands were supported by Ulrich von Hutten , who announced the feud to the pastor Meyer .

In June 1522 the dispute threatened to escalate into a "priest war". Emperor Charles V intervened in the dispute and called on the council to protect the urban clergy against the knights. Only after the knights' defeat in the Knight 's War in September 1522 was there no longer any risk of Frankfurt becoming involved in the war.

However, Ibach did not return to Frankfurt, but continued his wandering activity. At the end of 1522 he came to Sonnewalde in Niederlausitz , 1524 to Buchholz and 1528 to Marburg , which had become a center of the Reformation under Landgrave Philipp the Magnanimous .

A street in the Nordend district of Frankfurt is named after Hartmann Ibach .


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