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Saint John: John is the name of numerous saints ( St. ), the following list also includes some of the blessed ( Sl. ) (Blessed John) , as well as other martyrs ( M. ) and church fathers ( Kv. ).


Surname Life dates description Holy Sprchg. , ( Sl. ) Remembrance day (Catholic, otherwise noted)
St. John the Baptist 01st century AD Person of the Bible trad. June 24th ( Midsummer Day )
St. John the Apostle , Disciple of Jesus 01st century AD Person of the Bible, brother of James , mostly identified with the evangelist and the author of other works
(see also below: Notes )
trad. 27 Dec
St. (Catholic, Orth.) John Chrysostom 0349/344-407 Archbishop of Constantinople, Patriarch , Hierarch (Orthodox), Doctor of the Church (Catholic) trad. (since the 10th century) 13 Sep / orth .: Nov. 13 and Three Holy Hierarchs , Jan. 30
St. John I. † 526 Pope trad. May 18
St. (Orthodox) John II Kappadokes † 520 Patriarch of Constantinople trad. 25 Aug (Orthodox)
St. (Orthodox) John IV Nesteutes , the fast † 595 Patriarch of Constantinople trad. 0Sep 2 (orthodox)
St. (Catholic, Orth.) John the Almsgiver around 550 - 619 Patriarch of Alexandria trad. Nov 11, Nov 12 (orth.)
St. John XXIII 1881-1963 Pope, actually Angelo Roncalli Apr. 27, 2014 Oct 11
M. John (Alexandria) † at 311 Cyrus and John , martyrs in Egypt, according to legend , John came from Edessa   Jan. 31
M. John (4th century) † at 361 Roman, is mentioned together with a Paul, † 361 or 362 or 363   June 26th
St. (Orthodox) John the Merciful 1193-1254 as John III. Dukas Batatzes Emperor of Byzantium trad. 0November 4 (Orthodox)
St. Johannes Capistranus 1386-1456 Giovanni da Capistrano , traveling preacher, inquisitor   1690 23 Oct
St. John of Trogir † 1111 Ivan Trogirski , Bishop of Trogir trad. Nov 14
St. Johannes Cassianus , also: Johannes von Massilia ~ 360 to ~ 435 Pioneer of monasticism   July 23, February 29 (orth.)
Kv. Johannes Hesychastes , also Silentiarius 0454-559 Bishop of Kolonia, hermit, also John the Hermit , Sabaites trad. 07th Dec. / orth .: 3rd Mar. and 3rd dec. 00
M. (possibly) Johann Hüglin , also Johannes ~ 1490-1527 Frühmessner, burned for reforming views May 10 (Protestant)
St. (Catholic, Orth.) Johannes Klimakos † around 649 Abbot of St. Catherine's Monastery on Sinai, Greek ascetic writer trad. 30th Mar
St. Johannes Macias 1585-1645 San Juan Macías , Spanish Dominican, died in Lima   1975 16 Sep
St. M. Johannes Nepomuk around 1350 - 1393 bohem. Martyr, "bridge saint", also Johannes von Nepomuk (Czech. Jan z Pomuku)   1729 May 16
St. John of Avila 1499/1500-1569 preacher   1970 (1894) 0Dec 4
St. M. Johannes de Brébeuf † 1649 Jean de Brébeuf , Jesuit missionary in Canada   1930 19 Oct
St. John of Damascus † 754 Church father and doctor of the church   0Dec 4
St. John of Dukla † 1484 Religious and priest, especially venerated in Poland (July 8th)   1997 29 Sep
St. (orth.) John of Euboea , first John the Russian 1690-1730 Slave of the Janissaries , died in Central Anatolia, grave now on Euboea    
Sl. Johannes von Gorze † March 7, 974 also John of Vandières called   Feb 27
St. John of Krakow 1390-1473 Even theologian John Cantius called   1767 23 Dec
St. John of Lodi † 1105 Hermit, then Bishop of Gubbio , Johannes Laudensis   0Sep 7
Sl. John of Prado † 1631 Missionary in Morocco 0(1728) May 24th
Sl. Johannes von Ruysbroek 1293-1381 Flemish theologian (December 9, 1908) 0Dec 2
St. John of Tobolsk 1651-1715 Bishop and russ-orth. Metropolitan   June 21 (June 10 ( July ))
St. Johannes Berchmans 1599-1621 Flemish Jesuit   1888 Nov 26
St. (Catholic) Johannes Bosco , Don Bosco 1815-1888 Italian Catholic priest and founder of the order   1934 Jan. 31
St. John of God , Portugal. João Duarte Cidade 1495-1550 Founder of the Order of the Brothers of Mercy, origin. Joâo Ciudad Duarte; Juan de Dios (Spanish)   1690 0March 8
St. John Eudes 1601-1680 Founder of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary   1925 19 Aug
St. Johannes Alcober Figuero † 1748 Missionary in China, martyr   2000 0July 9
St. (Catholic) John Fisher 1469-1535 Bishop of Rochester, Chancellor of the University of Cambridge, Martyr (dispute with Henry VIII)   1935 June 22
St. Johannes Gualbertus around 995-1073 hermit   1193 July 12
St. Johannes Leonardi † 1609 Italian priest, founder of the regular clergy of the Mother of God   1938 0Oct 9
St. Johannes Nepomuk Neumann 1811-1860 Bishop of Philadelphia   1977 0Jan. 5
St. (Catholic) John Henry Newman 1801-1890 baptized anglican, catholic in 1847 Priest ordained, cardinal in 1879   2019 (2010) 0Oct 9
St. Jean-François Régis † 1640 Johannes − Franz Régis , preacher, Jesuit   1737 31 Dec
M. Johannes Rimer † 1427 murdered by the Hussites   May 16
St. M. Johannes Sarkander 1576-1620 Czech martyr of the confessional secret   1993 07th Mar
St. (Russian - Orth.) John of Kronstadt 1829-1909 a Russian starez (monk) of the 19th century, actually Iwan Ilyich Sergiev   1964  
Sl. Johannes Duns Scotus around 1266 - 1308 Scottish theologian and philosopher ( March 20, 1993) 0Nov 8
Sl. Johann Baptist Stöger 1810-1883 Lay brother of the Redemptorists ( 23 Jan 1923) 0Nov 3
St. Johannes Maria Vianney , the pastor of Ars 1786-1859 Jean-Marie Vianney, general "patron saint of pastors"   1925 04th Aug
St. John of the Cross 1542-1591 Spanish monk, mystic, doctor of the church (born Juan de Yepes )   1726 14 Dec
St. John Baptist de La Salle 1661-1719 Priest, educator and founder of the order ( school brothers )   1900 0Apr 7


  • John the Apostle has the orthodox surname of the theologian . Often equated with the " favorite disciple ".
    Occasionally in English: (Saint) John the Divine , that is the John of Revelation (Johanes von Patmos).
  • For the theological considerations concerning the authorship of the five New Testament scriptures, see John (Evangelist) .
  • See also John the Presbyter .
  • Even before John Duns Scotus there was a scholar of Irish origin who emerged as a theological and philosophical writer and who bears a similar name as Johannes Scottus . But he is not considered a candidate for canonization, nor is he considered a father of the church ; see Johannes Scottus Eriugena .
To the arrangement

The order of the mentions was as follows: first persons mentioned in the Bible, then in chronological order patriarchs and popes, then persons with the name John, in order of their surnames; This is followed as a separate group by those named "Johannes von (place name)", and finally people with the first name Johannes, sorted by family name. Johannes von Kronstadt , bourgeois Ivan Iljitsch Sergijew , is also in the last group as an example.


Honored Christians named John

There are quite a number of people named John who enjoy special veneration in Christian communities, often on their own memorial day, but are neither traditional saints nor have they been made "to the glory of the altars" in a canonization process and who have not yet been beatified is complete so it was even opened. A small selection of examples:

  • Johannes von Meissen , † 1492, priest in the Franciscan order (in Bohemia), memorial day: Nov.
  • Johannes Cochlaeus (1479–1552), German humanist and theologian, opponent of Luther.

John Paul and birth name Giovanni

  • John Paul II (1920–2005), canonized Pope, actually Karol Józef Wojtyła.
  • Pope Pius IX was previously called Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti, Italian Johannes . He was beatified on September 3, 2000.
  • Francis of Assisi was born Giovanni Battista Bernardone, later he was called Francesco .

Individual evidence

  1. see en: John the Divine (engl.)