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Heinz Busch (* 1931 in Belgard ) was Deputy Head of Department VII (Evaluation) of the Central Enlightenment Administration (HVA) in the GDR Ministry for State Security until 1989 . Through his cooperation with the Federal Intelligence Service , several HVA agents were exposed in 1990 .


Busch worked for the MfS in Department I from 1954, was an intelligence officer in the GDR embassy in Moscow and became the first graduate of the MfS at the Frunze Military Academy in Moscow . He was a Dr. phil. doctorate and especially appreciated the marching music . From 1972 he taught at the Law School of the MfS in Potsdam-Eiche . When he had written an anonymous letter to the NVA admiral Waldemar Verner in protest against the neglect of the march music, he was threatened with dismissal after his exposure. But in 1975 Markus Wolf transferred him to the evaluation department, where he was promoted to colonel and one of Werner Bierbaum's four deputies . He was responsible for all military-political analyzes of the HVA and received all relevant information for this purpose, but not the real names of the sources.

At the end of 1989 he was sent to the Central Round Table by HVA boss Werner Großmann in order to allow the secret service to continue in a new form and as unscathed as possible in a reformed GDR, or at least to gain time. On January 15, 1990, however, after an unsatisfactory conversation with a deputy leader, Colonel Ralf-Peter Devaux , he moved to West Berlin and surrendered to the Federal Republic of Germany. The BND interrogated him in Munich, where the Stasi agent Gabriele Gast passed on his transfer to her command officers in East Berlin . The BND could unmask several East German agents, including the NATO - spy Rainer Rupp and Busch also testified as a witness in the following trial. From 1993 onwards, Busch lived in Berlin again and also appeared publicly at conferences on the East German secret service , for example in Berlin in 2001.


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