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Heinz Ziegner (born July 13, 1928 in Annarode ; † December 23, 2015 there ) was a German SED functionary.


He was born into a working class family and attended middle school. After the end of the Second World War , the farm worker joined the SPD in 1945 , which was forcibly united with the KPD to form the SED in 1946 . In 1945 he became an employee of the district council in the Hettstedt district and there until 1949 head of the district statistical office. He also became a member of the FDGB and the FDJ in 1946 . During this time he also headed the basic local organization of the SED and was also a member of the FDJ leadership in Annarode until 1948.

From 1949 to 1950 he worked as a department head in the SED district leadership in Hettstedt. In 1950 he was transferred to the Salzwedel district , where he worked as a department head until 1953 and later as the first secretary of the SED district leadership. In 1954 he took on the same position in the Schönebeck district . In the same year he was appointed first secretary of the FDJ district management of the Magdeburg district.

From 1974 until the political change in 1989 he was the first secretary of the SED district leadership in the Schwerin district . From 1971 to 1989 he was also a member of the People's Chamber . In 1984 he was awarded the Patriotic Order of Merit in gold. At a protest demonstration in Schwerin on October 23, 1989, he said: "We have no time and no ear for advice aimed at eliminating socialism". Ziegner was seen as an unprofitable apparatchik.

He had his mandate on November 16, 1989 after a parliamentary group resolution, together with Hans Albrecht , Hermann Axen , Hans-Joachim Böhme , Johannes Chemnitzer , Friedrich Dickel , Horst Dohlus , Kurt Hager , Joachim Herrmann , Margot and Erich Honecker , Günther Kleiber , Werner Krolikowski , Ingeburg Lange , Erich Mielke , Günter Mittag , Erich Mückenberger , Alfred Neumann , Alfred Rohde , Horst Schumann , Horst Sindermann , Willi Stoph , Ernst Timm , Harry Tisch , Werner Walde and Herbert Ziegenhahn give up.


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