Schönebeck district

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Basic data
District of the GDR Magdeburg
County seat Schönebeck
Area : 434 km² (1989)
Residents : 85,194 (1989)
Population density : 196 inhabitants / km² (1989)
License plate : H and M (Magdeburg district)
District of Schönebeck
The district of Schönebeck in the district of Magdeburg

The Schönebeck district was a district in the Magdeburg district of the GDR . From 1990 it existed as the district of Schönebeck in the state of Saxony-Anhalt . His area is now in the Salzlandkreis in Saxony-Anhalt. The seat of the district administration was in Schönebeck .


The district was in the Magdeburg Börde south of Magdeburg on the Elbe and Saale . It bordered clockwise in the north, beginning with the districts of Burg , Zerbst , Köthen , Bernburg , Staßfurt and Wanzleben, as well as the urban district of Magdeburg .


On July 1, 1950, the GDR underwent its first district reform . In the then state of Saxony-Anhalt , the new district of Schönebeck was formed from the previously independent town of Schönebeck and the district of Calbe . On July 25, 1952, there was another district reform in which, among other things, the states in the GDR were dissolved and replaced by districts . The district of Schönebeck gave several communities to the new districts of Bernburg , Köthen and Staßfurt . The Schönebeck district was formed from most of the district together with some communities from the old Burg and Bernburg districts. The district was assigned to the newly formed Magdeburg district .

On May 17, 1990, the district was renamed the Schönebeck district. On the occasion of the reunification of the two German states, the district was awarded to the re-established state of Saxony-Anhalt in 1990. During the second district reform in Saxony-Anhalt , which came into force on July 1, 2007, it was incorporated into today's Salzlandkreis.

Population development

Schönebeck district
year 1960 1971 1981 1989
Residents 98.159 95,147 87.507 85.194

cities and communes

After the administrative reform of 1952, the Schönebeck district included the following towns and communities:


In addition to agriculture, which was favored by the fertility of the Magdeburg Börde, the following important industrial companies existed in the district:


The district area was opened up for national road traffic by the F 71 leading from Magdeburg in the direction of Halle and the F 246a , which led over the Schönebecker Elbe bridge . The closest autobahn was the Marienborn – Berliner Ring autobahn , which led past the district to the north.

Railway traffic was mainly served by the Magdeburg – Leipzig route through Schönebeck and Calbe , which also had an S-Bahn connection to Magdeburg . The Berlin-Blankenheimer Eisenbahn crossed the district in an east-west direction, crossing the Elbe over a bridge at Barby. The Schönebeck – Blumenberg branch line also existed in the district .

License Plate

Motor vehicles (with the exception of motorcycles) and trailers were assigned three-letter distinctive signs starting with the letter pairs HO , HP and MO from around 1974 to the end of 1990 . The last number plate series used for motorcycles was HX 30-01 to HX 60-00 .

At the beginning of 1991 the district received the distinctive sign SBK .

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