Helmut Kapitulski

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Helmut Kapitulski
birthday September 29, 1934
place of birth DortmundGerman Empire
position Left winger
Years station
1946-1953 Borussia Dortmund
Years station Games (goals) 1
1953-1957 Borussia Dortmund 76 0(15)
1957-1964 FK Pirmasens 176 (125)
1964-1968 1. FC Kaiserslautern 98 0(22)
1968-1970 FK Pirmasens
1970-1973 FC Dahn
National team
Years selection Games (goals)
1956 Germany U23 1 00(0)
1959 Germany B 1 00(0)
1958 Germany 1 00(0)
Stations as a trainer
Years station
1970-1973 FC Dahn (player-coach)
1973-19 ?? various amateur clubs
1 Only league games are given.

Helmut Kapitulski (born September 29, 1934 in Dortmund ) is a former German soccer player who won the German championship with Borussia Dortmund in 1956 and 1957 .


Borussia Dortmund, 1946–1957

At the age of 12, Helmut Kapitulski, who grew up two minutes away from Borsigplatz, started playing football in the club as a youth at BVB 09. From the round 1953/54 he belonged to the league team. The regular player on the left wing at that time was the B national player Hans wing. That is why the 19-year-old winger only made four appearances in his debut round in the major league. He played his first game on October 25, 1953 in the 1: 2 home defeat against Rheydter SV . He scored his first goal in the top league in the west of football on November 7, 1954 with the 2-1 winning goal against Westfalia Herne . In the third round he became a regular on the left wing and celebrated great successes with Borussia. On June 24, 1956, Karlsruher SC was beaten 4-2 goals in Berlin's Olympic Stadium and won the German soccer championship. Twelve months later, the championship was successfully defended with a 4-1 victory on June 23, 1957 against Hamburger SV in the same line-up as the year before. In the round of 1956/57, the dribbling technician on the left wing experienced the atmosphere in the European Cup . BVB needed three games in the first round against Spora Luxemburg to be able to travel to Manchester to the Old Trafford Stadium to face the English champions Manchester United . Against Matt Busby's team , Helmut Kapitulski succeeded on October 17, 1956 in the 68th minute of the game, with the 1: 3 connection goal in the 2: 3 defeat. After winning the German championship twice, Dortmund coach Helmut Schneider moved to the southwest for FK Pirmasens . Helmut Kapitulski also went to Pirmasens with his trainer. From 1953 to 1957 he played 76 games with 15 goals in the Oberliga West for BVB.

FK Pirmasens, 1957-1964

Pirmasens was under the direction of the Horeb acting as a playmaker Helmut Kapitulski three times in a row in the years 1958-1960 champions in the Oberliga Südwest . In the south-west, “Kapi” also developed scoring qualities and in the three years of the championship he delivered the hit sequence of 24, 25 and 26 goals for his new club. He was the playmaker and goalscorer of the FKP. In the final round of the German soccer championship - Kapitulski played all 18 games (11 goals) for Pirmasens in the period from 1958 to 1962 - the big hit did not succeed. For financial reasons, the strong opponents were always welcomed in the Ludwigshafen Südweststadion , which paid off for the cash register, but in terms of sporting meant a game on neutral ground and thus noticeably relativized the important home advantage. Even with fellow strikers Rolf Fritzsche and Klaus Matischak , Kapitulski could not assert himself in the 1962 finals with the FKP against Eintracht Frankfurt , Hamburger SV and 1. FC Köln . In the Oberliga Südwest he came from 1957 to 1963 to 176 games for Pirmasens. He scored 125 goals. In the 1963/64 round he tried to lead the non-nominated club into the Bundesliga. Admittedly, he made it into the promotion round - to reach 2nd place in the Regionalliga he had contributed 31 goals in 37 games - but Hannover 96 prevailed as promoted team. The 30-year-old then moved to the Betzenberg for the neighboring 1. FC Kaiserslautern .

National team, 1956–1959

Kapitulski received his first appointment to a DFB team for the junior national team's game on December 19, 1956 in Liège against the selection of Belgium. In the 3-2 win he formed the left wing together with his club colleague Aki Schmidt from Borussia Dortmund, who also distinguished himself as a three-time goalscorer. After the 1958 World Cup in Sweden, national coach Sepp Herberger gave him the chance to try his luck in the senior national team . On November 19, 1958, he played left winger in a 2-2 draw against Austria . But he did not come close to the performance of Helmut Rahn on the right wing - the "boss" scored both goals - and there were no further appointments to the national team. One of the reasons for this was his change to the role of playmaker at the club. But precisely the left wing position was sought by the national coach. Significant was his position on half-left on November 8, 1959 in Saarbrücken in the 2-1 victory of the B national team against the selection of Hungary. Here Theo Klöckner stormed on the left wing. Peter Grosser and "Kapi" were responsible for building up the game in midfield. As a representative, Kapitulski received further appointments for the west selection and the southwest.

1. FC Kaiserslautern, 1964–1968

In the four rounds in Kaiserslautern in the Bundesliga, the veteran - with strengths in demanding game structure and goal completion - primarily learned the fight to stay in the league. The player names of this era in Kaiserslautern (such as: Klimaschefski, Rehhagel and Schwager) document commitment, combat strength and constant confrontation with the ghost of relegation. Kapitulski played 98 Bundesliga games with 22 goals. 1. FC Kaiserslautern fought to stay in the league. At the age of 34 he returned to Pirmasens.

Ausklang, 1968–1973

The former man from Borsigplatz played two more rounds in the Regionalliga Südwest with FK Pirmasens from 1968 to 1970. By taking second place in the table in 1970, he made two appearances in the promotion round to the Bundesliga in June 1970 against VfL Bochum and Offenbacher Kickers . Helmut Kapitulski - undoubtedly the most prominent Pirmasens player of all time - retired from competitive football at the age of 36 and took over the role of player coach at FC Dahn from 1970 . He held this position for three years. Then he looked after several small amateur clubs in the Pirmasens area.


The trained steel construction fitter, who worked as a technical employee in Pirmasens and is the father of three children, lives in Lemberg not far from Pirmasens.


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