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Hermann Baum (born December 25, 1864 in Plauen , † March 13, 1932 in Leipzig ) was a German veterinarian, professor and one of the founders of modern veterinary anatomy .


Hermann Baum studied veterinary medicine at the veterinary school in Dresden , where in the summer semester of 1884 he became a member of the Landsmannschaft Saxonia Dresden, later the RSC- Corps Saxonia Dresden (ultimately merged into Landsmannschaft Hansea auf dem Wels ). After completing his studies, he entered the Dresden Institute for Anatomy and Physiology. Tree was founded in 1889 in Erlangen Dr. phil. PhD; In 1898 he became full professor of anatomy and physiology at the Dresden Royal Veterinary College.

When “Veterinary Medicine” moved from Dresden to Leipzig University in 1923, Baum became the first dean of the Leipzig Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. On November 1, 1931, he was elected rector of the University of Leipzig.

Baum devoted himself primarily to researching the lymphatic system of pets . The “ Handbook of the Comparative Anatomy of Domestic Animals ”, which was published from the 9th edition (1900) together with his academic teacher Wilhelm Ellenberger , reached its 17th edition in 1932. Baum received an honorary doctorate in medicine (Dr. med. H. C.) And also in veterinary medicine (Dr. med. Vet. H. C.) As well as the title of privy councilor for his scientific merits . From 1910 he was a member of the Leopoldina .


  • with Wilhelm Ellenberger: Anatomy of the dog. 1891
  • with Wilhelm Ellenberger: Handbook of the comparative anatomy of domestic animals.
  • with Wilhelm Ellenberger: Textbook of the topographical anatomy of the horse , Parey, Berlin 1914.
  • with Wilhelm Ellenberger and Hermann Dittrich: Handbook of the anatomy of animals for artists, Dieterich Verlag, Leipzig.


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