Hermann II (Thuringia)

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Hermann II's tomb in the Reinhardsbrunn monastery

Hermann II (born March 28, 1222 in Creuzburg ; † January 3, 1241 ibid) was Landgrave of Thuringia from 1227 to 1241 from the Ludowinger family .


The son of Ludwig IV and Saint Elisabeth , daughter of the Hungarian King Andreas II , was born at Creuzburg Castle in the town of the same name on the Werra , not far from Eisenach. Hermann was only five years old when his father died on a crusade and was under the tutelage of his uncle Heinrich Raspe until 1239 . In the same year he married Helene von Braunschweig-Lüneburg, daughter of Otto I "the child" , Duke of Braunschweig and Lüneburg.

Hermann died in 1241 at the age of only 19. Some historians claim he was poisoned. Hermann left no children. His widow married Albrecht I , Duke of Saxony-Wittenberg , a second marriage in 1247/1248 . Hermann's remains were buried in Reinhardsbrunn Monastery , the home monastery of the Ludowingers .

At the court of France

The French biographer Jean de Joinville reported in his work Vie de Saint Louis that at the court of King Louis IX. (Saint Louis) of France the son of St. Elisabeth of Thuringia. The specific date was June 24, 1241, several months after Hermann's death, on the occasion of a large court day in Saumur , at which Joinville was present. He observed how the Queen Mother Blanka of Castile kissed the eighteen-year-old on the forehead after she had heard that the boy's mother had often done this. It is possible that this was a propaganda trick by Joinville to suggest a closer relationship between Ludwig and Elisabeth by depicting Blanka in her plot as the incarnation of Elisabeth and the son, who is not named, could stand for Ludwig.

But the age of the Elizabeth child given by Joinville also points to an error on the part of the aged chronicler (who had begun his work in 1305). It could have been June 1240, when Hermann was still alive and was eighteen. Hermann's younger sister Sophie was promised to the Duke of Brabant, who in turn was related to the French royal family, at the age of sixteen.


  • 1227 Titular Margrave of Meissen
  • 1234 Count of Hessen-Gudensberg
  • 1238 Landgrave of Thuringia


In 1238/39 Hermann was briefly engaged to Margareta (* late 1237, † August 8, 1270 in Frankfurt am Main), daughter of Emperor Frederick II. Roger

On October 9, 1239, she married Helene von Braunschweig (* March 18, 1223; † September 6, 1273, buried in the Franciscan monastery in Wittenberg), daughter of Otto the child , Duke of Braunschweig and Lüneburg, since 1247/48 in second Married to Duke Albrecht I of Saxony-Wittenberg († December 8, 1260).



Individual proof

  1. ^ Joinville , II, §3, ed. by Ethel Wedgewood (1906)

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