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Coat of arms of the Duchy of Neopatria

The Duchy of Neopatria (also Neopatras ) was one of the crusader states and existed from 1319 to 1390. It was located in Greece , in the vicinity of the city of Neai Patrai ( ancient Greek Νέαι Πάτραι , "New Patras ", modern Greek Neopatra , today Ypati ) in the Sperchios- Valley west of Lamia .

In 1318/19 the Almogàvers of the Catalan Company under Alfons Fadrique d'Aragon conquered the "iron fortress" Siderokastron / Arakowa and the south of Thessaly and established the Duchy of Neopatria (which included Lidoriki, Zeitun, Gardiki, Domokos and Pharsala) and united it with the Duchy of Athens . It was divided into the administrative districts (capitanies) Siderocastron, Neopatria and Salona (today Amfissa ).

Parts of Thessaly were lost to the Serbs under Stefan Dušan in 1337 .

In 1379, shortly before his death, Peter IV of Aragon placed the duchy under direct administration by the Crown of Aragon . Duke of Neopatria is still part of the full title of the Spanish monarch Felipe VI.

In 1379 the Navarre Company in the service of the Latin titular emperor Jacques des Baux conquered Thebes and parts of Neopatrias. The attacks of the Byzantine Empire gradually reduced the area of ​​the duchy. In 1390 Neopatras was handed over to Nerio I Acciaiuoli , Duke of Athens, who lost the city to the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid I in January 1394 .


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