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Hlybokaje | Glubokoje
Глыбокае | Глубокое
( Belarus. ) | ( Russian )
coat of arms
coat of arms
State : BelarusBelarus Belarus
Woblasz : Flag of Vitsebsk Voblasts.svg Vitebsk
Founded : 1414
Coordinates : 55 ° 8 ′  N , 27 ° 41 ′  E Coordinates: 55 ° 8 ′  N , 27 ° 41 ′  E
Residents : 18,709 (2014)
Time zone : Moscow time ( UTC + 3 )
Telephone code : (+375) 2156
Postal code : 220050
License plate : 2
Community type: city
Website :
Hlybokaje (Belarus)

Hlybokaje ( Belarusian Глыбокае ; Russian Глубокое Glubokoje ) is a city in the Belarusian town of Vitebskaya Woblasz and the administrative center of the Hlybokaje district with about 19,000 inhabitants.

Holy Trinity Church from 1782

Hlybokaje is a traffic junction where several highways intersect. The city is located 187 km west of Woblasz -Hauptstadt Vitebsk and 163 km north of the capital Minsk .


The town, first mentioned in writing in 1414, received town status in 1940.

German occupation

During the German occupation in World War II , around 6,000 people were murdered in the city's Jewish ghetto, which existed from August 1941 to May 1942 . From November 18, 1942 to November 27, 1942 in the forest and swamp area around the city under the leadership of the combat group von Gottberg, the Nuremberg company , a military action directed by Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler to " fight partisans " took place, during which several villages burned down and 789 "partisans", 353 "suspects", 1826 Jews and 7 "gypsies" were killed. In December 1941, the systematic murder of the Jews in the ghetto, called "Aktion", began: the Germans selected a few hundred residents and brought them to the nearby town of Borki. The Jewish brothers Rajak later wrote that the Germans had forced the young “to dance in the open pit and the old to sing Jewish songs,” after which “they forced the young and healthy, the powerless old and invalids into the pit to carry and lay down there. Only then did they have to lie down by themselves. Then the Germans began, methodically and calmly, to shoot everyone. "


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