Honesty Solingen

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The Honschaft Solingen was in the Middle Ages and the modern era, a Honschaft in the parish and judicial district Solingen within the bergischen Office Solingen . It included the wider area of ​​the city of Solingen (the city charter was granted in 1374), but not the medieval city area and its external citizenship itself. The honor was in what is now the Solingen district of Mitte .

After the end of the French occupation at the beginning of the 19th century and the dissolution of the Grand Duchy of Berg in 1815, the Honschaft Solingen - while maintaining the municipal reorganization of the duchy carried out by the French - was finally assigned to the Dorp mayor in the district of Solingen in the administrative district of Düsseldorf within the Prussian Rhine province and was thus one of the lowest Bergisch administrative units until the 19th century .

According to the topographical-statistical description of the Royal Prussian Rhine Province , the following towns and places of residence (original spelling) belonged to the Honschaft 1830:

Individual evidence

  1. Friedrich von Restorff : Topographical-Statistical Description of the Royal Prussian Rhine Province ; Nicolai, Berlin and Stettin; 1830 ( digitized edition at the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek )