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In the Middle Ages and modern times, the Katternberg honors were honored in the parish and judicial district of Solingen within the Bergisch district of Solingen . It encompassed today's Solingen urban area in the districts of Höhscheid and Katternberg .

The honor was first mentioned in 1485 as Huntscaff Catternberg .

After the end of the French occupation in the early 19th century and dissolution of the Grand Duchy of Berg , while retaining the carried out by the French local reorganization of the Duchy - - 1815 Honschaft Katternberg was finally as a rural community of mayoralty Höhscheid in district Solingen the administrative district of Dusseldorf within the Prussian Rhine Province assigned and was thus one of the lowest Bergisch administrative units until the 19th century . 1807 reclassifications were made in peripheral areas. So the residential areas Dingshaus , Mittel- , Untengönrath and In der Waard came to the Honschaft Scheid of the mayor's office of Wald .

In 1815/16 there were 1,111 inhabitants in the Honschaft.

According to the statistics and topography of the Düsseldorf government district , the following towns and places of residence (original spelling) belonged to the Honschaft 1832: Kirschheide , zur Linden , zum Erf , Weeg , above Pilghaus , middle Pilghaus , below Pilghaus , in Siepen , Hossenhaus , Kotterhammer , Kottermühle , Kotten , Jacobshäuschen , Bellenhäuschen , Geilenberg , Nacken , Schaafenmühle , Wüstenstrasse , Kronenmühle , below Katternberg , middle Katternberg and above Katternberg .

At that time there were two public buildings, 213 houses, three mills or factories and 192 farm buildings. 1,549 inhabitants lived in the Honschaft, 161 of them Catholic and 1,388 Protestant.

With the elevation of the mayor's office of Höhscheid to town in 1856, the honors ceased to exist as an administrative unit.

Individual evidence

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