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Horst Schättle (born December 9, 1939 in Oberndorf am Neckar ; † September 27 or 28, 2020 ) was a German journalist. From February 1998 to April 30, 2003 he was director of the broadcaster Free Berlin (SFB).


Schättle attended school in Oberndorf am Neckar and Karlsruhe until March 1960 and graduated from high school . Between 1960 and November 1965 Schättle studied economics and politics at the Universities of Mannheim and Saarbrücken with a degree in business administration .

Professional background

From 1965 to March 1, 1966, Schättle was a research assistant at the Chair of Political Science at the University of Mannheim ( Rudolf Wildenmann ). There he dealt with election research.

In 1966 he came to ZDF in Mainz as a freelance journalist , where he worked as an author and editor on election programs until June 1, 1968. From 1968 to 1971 he was a Bonn correspondent at the ZDF studio in Bonn. He was also a commentator and author for the show Bonner Perspektiven , as well as a parliamentary reporter and reporter on political trips and conferences.

From 1971 to 1977 Schättle was editor-in-chief and deputy main editor-in-chief at ZDF in Mainz and at the same time editor-in-chief of the program “ Topics of the Day”. He later became head of the editorial department of the broadcaster today and the presenter of the heute broadcast. Between 1977 and 1983 he was Head of the Domestic Policy Department. He also moderated election programs and the Länderspiegel series and worked as a commentator and team manager at major events. He was also the author of documentaries and reports and hosted a talk show. During this time he developed new formats such as TED ( Tele-Dialog ), mobile voting studio and ZDF Hearing.

From 1983 to 1988 he was studio manager of the ZDF studio in Paris and at the same time a reporter for France, the French overseas territories and francophone Africa. He made numerous reporting trips to African and Pacific crisis areas. Until September 1989 he was the chief editor-in-chief for foreign policy at ZDF in Mainz and at the same time moderator of the weekly program Auslandsjournal and commentator on foreign and security policy issues.

From October 1989 to February 1998 he was program director for television at the SFB. Schättle expanded the third program (B1) into a full program. At the time there was extensive cooperation with the ORB , the MDR and Deutsche Welle-TV . In the course of German reunification, rationalization and restructuring measures were carried out. Schättle became chairman of the DVB steering committee of ARD, responsible director for the international radio exhibition and chairman of the advisory board for the Berlin Capital Studio.

As director of the SFB, he contributed to the further consolidation of the SFB from February 1998 to May 2003. He renegotiated the radio cooperation with the ORB and prepared the merger of the SFB with the ORB, which was completed at the end of the term in May 2003 against considerable opposition.

Journalist awards


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