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Hugo Barthelme (born November 15, 1822 in Eußenhausen , Lower Franconia , † February 4, 1895 in Munich ) was a German history painter and fresco artist .

life and work

Barthelmes fresco Margrave Friedrich von Bayreuth donates the University of Erlangen in 1743 (between 1858 and 1867)

Hugo Barthelme was the son of a royal Bavarian customs inspector. He received his first training in Würzburg . On November 19, 1840, he enrolled in painting at the Royal Art Academy in Munich . His teachers were the history painters Johann von Schraudolph and Heinrich Hess . Barthelme turned mainly to Christian art and acquired knowledge of fresco technology . In 1850 he created a painting of the Madonna that was bought by the Munich Art Association . At the same time, the Advent picture "Joseph looking for a hostel with Maria", which was acquired by the Prague Art Association, and the Easter picture "Christ appears to the weeping Magdalena" was created. Patrons made it possible for him to travel to England in 1857, where he painted several portraits and created a large fresco for Birmingham Cathedral . After returning to Munich, he was involved in the restoration of the old state house in Landshut . King Maximilian II commissioned him in 1860 to create murals for the then National Museum . This resulted u. a. the paintings "Foundation of the University of Erlangen by the Margrave Friedrich von Bayreuth" and "Prince-Bishop Franz Ludwig von Erthal gives the ceremonial speech at the second secular ceremony of the University of Würzburg in 1782". For the Munich residence , Barthelme created the oil painting “Duke Albrecht III. punishes the robber barons ”.

Subsequently, Barthelme received a large order in the Swabian Weißenhorn . There the parish church of the Assumption of Mary collapsed in 1859 and had to be demolished. From 1865 it was rebuilt in the neo-Romanesque style based on a design by the Munich architect August von Voit . In the summer of 1868/69, Barthelme frescoed the four vaulted bowls of the central nave and the vault above the organ choir . For the Würzburg University Church, which had been profaned during the secularization and was again made available for church services in 1852, Barthelme painted from 1884 a. a. the then bare walls with religious paintings. He was busy with this assignment until autumn 1887. Then he returned to Munich and created a few more genre pictures . These were partly bought up by King Ludwig II and given away by him to preferred personalities.

From 1860 Barthelme was a member of the Munich Association for Christian Art , to which he remained connected until his death in 1895.


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