Hugo von Flavigny

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Hugo von Flavigny , Latin Hugo Flaviniacensis , French Hugues de Flavigny (* 1065 near Verdun , France , † after 1111 ) was a Benedictine monk and historian of the Middle Ages .

Raised in the Abbey of Saint-Vanne , he had to flee with their convent in 1085 across the diocese and imperial borders to Saint-Bénigne in Dijon . Since 1096 he was abbot in Flavigny near Autun , from where he was ousted by his opponents in 1099/1100. He seems to have joined the imperial party, at least around 1111 he received an abbey in Verdun . After that his track is lost.

Hugo of Flavigny wrote in part one of the birth of Christ until the year 1102 reaching Chronicle , which especially the church history in the diocese of Verdun and the struggle between Emperor Henry IV. And Pope Gregory VII. On the basis of the letters dealt with in detail. Hugo's own handwriting has been preserved; after this Georg Heinrich Pertz published the chronicle in 1848 ( Monumenta Germaniae Historica , Scriptores , Vol. 8, pp. 280–503).


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