Georg Heinrich Pertz

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Georg Heinrich Pertz
Birthplace in Hanover, Holzmarkt 2 (on the right in the picture)

Georg Heinrich Pertz (full name Georg Heinrich Jakob Pertz ; born March 28, 1795 in Hanover , † October 7, 1876 in Munich ) was a German historian and librarian .


Georg Heinrich Pertz came from the Pertz family and was born in the half-timbered house Holzmarkt 2 in Hanover as the son of the court bookbinder Christian August Pertz and his wife Henrietta Justina née Deppen. From 1813 he studied history and philology at the Georg-August University in Göttingen and received his doctorate on October 14, 1816 . From 1816 Pertz was an archivist and librarian in Hanover.

In 1819 he became a member of the Society for Germany's Older History , from which the Monumenta Germaniae Historica (MGH) emerged. Here he devoted himself to the Carolingian springs . Initially editor of the MGH printed by Friedrich Bernhard Culemann , he was President of the MGH from 1823 to 1873 .

From 1827 to 1842 he was director of the Royal and Provincial Library and the Royal Coin Cabinet in Hanover. In 1831 he participated in the preparation of the new constitution and was a member of the Estates Assembly in 1832/33 . In 1836 the Bavarian Academy of Sciences accepted him as a foreign member. In 1837 he was elected a foreign member of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences . From 1840 he was a corresponding and from 1843 a full member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences .

In addition, Pertz worked as an editor for the Hannoversche Zeitung, later published by Culemann, in the years 1832-1837. From 1842 he was senior librarian at the Royal Library in Berlin . He thwarted the permanent position of Philipp Jaffé , whose suicide in 1870 he was partially blamed for.


Pertz married Julia Philippa Pertz, née Garnett (* 1793, † July 22 or 25, 1852), daughter of the English astronomer John Garnett, in 1827. In addition to his son Karl August Pertz , who was apparently born out of wedlock in Hanover on May 21, 1825 , Pertz and his first wife had three other sons, Karl August Friedrich Pertz (1828–1881) and his twin sister (1828–20 January 1829) Georg Pertz (1830 –1870) as well as the engineer officer Hermann Pertz (1833–1881) who died while building the railway in England.

After Juliet's death in 1852 he married Leonora, daughter of the important Scottish geologist, social and educational reformer Leonard Horner , and had with her, among others, the daughter Dorothea Pertz (1859-1939). The mother of the astronomer Cecilia Helena Payne-Gaposchkin (1900–1979) was his niece.


Grave of Pertz


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