iPhone OS 2

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iPhone OS 2
developer Apple Inc.
License (s) Proprietary software with open source components
First publ. July 11, 2008
Current  version 2.2.1 (January 27, 2009)
Basic system Darwin
Kernel XNU ( hybrid kernel )
timeline iPhone OS 1
iPhone OS 2
iPhone OS 3
iOS 4
iOS 5
iOS 6
iOS 7
iOS 8
iOS 9
iOS 10
iOS 11
iOS 12
iOS 13
iOS 14
compatibility iPhone

iPod Touch

Languages) Over 40

iPhone OS 2 is the second version of the now renamed iOS operating system from Apple Inc. It was replaced by iPhone OS 3 on June 17, 2009 .


The most important innovation is the App Store , which makes it possible to install third-party apps on the iPhone or iPod touch . Before the release, Apple held a keynote to announce the iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK for short). The redesigned mail app now has push emails that are always active. The Contacts app has a new home screen icon, but it's only available on iPod touch. After the update to iPhone OS 2.2, Google Maps functions were added, for example Google Street View . Settings has been expanded to include functions, for example the ability to switch location services on or off or switch WiFi back on in airplane mode.