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The Indoor Football League (IFL) is a league for arena football in the USA that was founded in 2008.


The IFL is an amalgamation of the two arena football leagues Intense Football League (IFL) and United Indoor Football (UIF), which was founded in 2008.

After the Arena Football League was eliminated , the Indoor Football League is regarded as the strongest league in Arena Football. Players earn at least $ 200 per game plus bonuses for wins, for example, or individual goals.

Game mode

The league consists of the two conferences United Conference and Intense Conference, with each conference consisting of five teams. Each team plays a round trip against each of the other teams. Thus, a season consists of 16 season games.

The first and second in each conference qualify for the playoffs. The playoffs start with the Conference Championship (semifinals), in which the team in first place meets the team in second place in their own conference. The winners play the UnitedBowl in the final .

Social media

The Indoor Football League has its own Facebook and Twitter page.

The video portal Youtube has been broadcasting all indoor football league games on its platform since the 2017 season. This makes the IFL the first indoor football league to stream its games via this video portal. In addition, the IFL has its own internet radio, where every game can be followed live.

2009 season

The league started with 14 teams from the United Football League and Intense Football League . In addition, three teams from the Continental Indoor Football League were added and two expansion teams were founded. The Billings Outlaws won the first UnitedBowl with 71:62 against RiverCity Rage .

2010 season

After various eliminations of some teams, the IFL again took on teams from the Continental Indoor Football League and Southern Indoor Football League in addition to expansion teams , so that initially 25 teams took part in the 2010 season. During the season, the Alaska Wild withdrew. The season ended with 24 teams. UnitedBowl winners were the Billings Outlaws again this year with 43:34 against Sioux Falls Storm .

2011 season

For the 2011 season, the IFL started with 22 teams. Nine teams withdrew during the offseason. The gaps were filled with teams from the American Indoor Football League and expansion teams . In the end, the Sioux Falls Storm won their first UnitedBowl 37:10 against the Tri-Cities Fever .

2012 season

The 2012 season began with 16 teams. The Allen Wranglers , who were able to sign ex-NFL star Terrell Owens , attracted attention . In eight games, Owens caught balls for 420 yards and 10 touchdowns. Champion was again the Sioux Falls Storm in the new edition of the final of 2011 with 59:32.

2013 season

With only nine teams, the IFL started the following season. UnitedBowl Champion was the Sioux Falls Storm for the third time in a row with 43:40 against Nebraska Danger .

2014 season

The IFL planned to start the 2014 season with another nine teams. For the fourth time in league history, the Sioux Falls Storm won the UnitedBowl . Again the Nebraska Danger could be beaten with 63:46.

2015 season

For the 2015 season, the IFL was able to announce the admission of the Iowa Barnstormers . The franchise has existed since 1995 and played in the af2 and Arena Football League . You are the fourth franchise to move from AFL to IFL. The league expands to 10 teams. With a clear 62:27, the Nebraska Danger were defeated again by the Sioux Falls Storm .

2016 season

After the Barnstomers, the traditional Spokane Shock from the Arena Football League moved to the IFL a year later . The franchise, which has already won three arena football titles, two in af2 and one in the AFL , had to change its name to Spokane Empire , as the naming rights were still with the AFL. The Empire moved into the UnitedBowl in the very first year, but lost the final against the Sioux Falls Storm 34:55. It is the sixth title in a row for Sioux Falls.

2017 season

For the third year in a row, a large and successful franchise joined the IFL. The Arizona Rattlers , one of the most successful arena football teams ever with five ArenaBowl Championships won since their founding in 1992, confirmed their commitment for the 2017 season. In the league, which continues to have 10 teams, the Rattlers also won the IFL title. They beat the Sioux Falls Storm 50:41.

2018 season

After the departure of various teams, the IFL starts with only six teams. From now on the Iowa Barnstormers , Arizona Rattlers , record champions Sioux Falls Storm , Nebraska Danger , Cedar Rapids Titans and Green Bay Blizzard fight for the UnitedBowl . In the final, the Iowa Barnstormers prevailed against the Sioux Falls Storm for the first time with 42:38.

Season 2019

Through various expansion teams, including the Tucson Sugar Skulls owned by Kevin Guy , the coach of the Arizona Rattlers , the league was increased to 10 teams. After two years without a title, the Sioux Falls Storm won just under 56:53 against the Arizona Rattlers. The Falls have been in the final of the United Bowl for 10 years and have won seven championships.

UnitedBowl winner

year Home team Away team winner Result
2009 Billings Outlaws RiverCity Rage Billings Outlaws 71:62
2010 Billings Outlaws Sioux Falls Storm Billings Outlaws 43:34
2011 Sioux Falls Storm Tri-Cities Fever Sioux Falls Storm 37:10
2012 Sioux Falls Storm Tri-Cities Fever Sioux Falls Storm 59:32
2013 Sioux Falls Storm Nebraska Danger Sioux Falls Storm 43:40
2014 Sioux Falls Storm Nebraska Danger Sioux Falls Storm 63:46
2015 Sioux Falls Storm Nebraska Danger Sioux Falls Storm 62:27
2016 Sioux Falls Storm Spokane Empire Sioux Falls Storm 55:34
2017 Sioux Falls Storm Arizona Rattlers Arizona Rattlers 41:50
2018 Iowa Barnstormers Sioux Falls Storm Iowa Barnstormers 42:38
2019 Sioux Falls Storm Arizona Rattlers Sioux Falls Storm 56:53

IFL history team list

Abilene Ruff Riders 2009-2010
Alaska Wild 2009-2010
Amarillo Venom 2010-2011
Arizona adrenaline 2011
Arizona Rattlers 2017-present
Austin Turfcats 2010
Bemidji Axemen 2014-2015
Billings Outlaws 2009-2010
Billings Wolves 2015-2016
Bismarck Bucks 2019-present
Bloomington Edge 2009–2012
Bricktown Brawlers 2011
Cedar Rapids River Kings 2012-present
Chicago Slaughter 2010-2013
Colorado Crush 2009-2017
Corpus Christi Fury 2009-2010
Duke City Gladiators 2020-today
El Paso Generals 2009
Everett Raptors 2010–2012
Fairbanks Grizzlies 2009-2011
Frisco Fighters 2020-today
Green Bay Blizzard 2010-present
Iowa Barnstormers 2015-present
La Crosse Spartans 2010-2011
Lehigh Valley Steelhawks 2011–2012
Maryland maniacs 2009-2010
Nebraska Danger 2011-2019
New Mexico Stars 2012
Oakland Panthers 2020-today
Omaha beef 2009–2012
Quad City Steamwheelers 2019-present
Reading Express 2011–2012
Richmond Revolution 2010-2011
RiverCity Rage 2009
Rochester Raiders 2009-2010
Saginaw Sting 2009
Salt Lake City Screaming Eagles 2017
San Angelo Stampede Express 2009-2010
San Diego Strike Force 2019-present
Sioux City Bandits 2009-2010
Sioux Falls Storm 2009-present
Spokane Shock 2016–2017 and 2020-
Texas Revolution 2010-2014
Tri-Cities Fever 2010-2016
Tucson Sugar Skulls 2019-present
Wenatchee Valley Venom 2011
West Michigan ThunderHawks 2009-2010
West Texas Roughnecks 2009-2011
Wichita Falls Nighthawks 2015-2017
Wichita Wild 2009–2012
Wyoming Cavalry 2011-2014

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