International Union of Railways

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International Union of Railways
Seat Paris
founding October 17, 1922

Board Renato Mazzoncini
executive Director Jean-Pierre Loubinoux
Members approx. 200
Branch Delhi and Tehran
Countries with UIC members, 2007

The International Union of Railways ( French Union internationale des chemins de fer , UIC ) is an international association of railway companies , which it divides according to size and activity into active , associated and affiliated members.

The association was founded in Paris on October 17, 1922 to improve the conditions of the design and operation of railways for international traffic through standardization , and had 51 founding members from 29 countries, including China and Japan. It is the world-wide organization for the cooperation of the railways and its actions extend to all areas related to the development of rail transport . Other associations such as the Association of American Railroads (AAR) are also members of the UIC ; However, the AAR only as an Affiliate Member because it is neither a network operator nor a railway company.

The association is the working body of the State Treaty on Technical Unity in Railways (TE) of May 16, 1886. This State Treaty was not designed as a permanent body, but laid the foundations for uniformity in cross-border rail traffic. Only several European countries are involved in the TE, while the UIC is a worldwide railway association.

On January 1, 1982, the study bodies of the RIC and RIV were incorporated into the UIC.

In September 2013 there were 207 members. These include railway companies , infrastructure operators and companies that carry out complementary activities.

The then CEO of Deutsche Bahn , Hartmut Mehdorn , was elected President of the European UIC regional assembly on January 31, 2007. He was elected unanimously.

Various numbering systems have been created by the UIC , such as the UIC series scheme for locomotives , the UIC type designation system for passenger coaches , the UIC wagon numbers , the UIC country code and the Harmonized Goods Directory for Transport Goods (NHM).

The association issues information sheets (UIC code) and other publications. The standardized freight wagon types are listed in a table in the articles on open freight wagons , covered freight wagons , refrigerated wagons and flat wagons .

The UIC Euro Interlocking Project is developing an international standard for the planning of railway interlockings. As a flagship project , the UIC was the international research in 2007, hydrogen power and fuel cells together for railways.

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