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Jacques Perrin with his wife Valentine Perrin at the Cannes Film Festival (2009)

Jacques Perrin ; actually Jacques Simonet (born July 13, 1941 in Paris ) is a French actor , director and producer .


In the late 1950s and early 1960s, Jacques Perrin made a name for himself in the art cinema. At that time he was mainly seen in Italian films: The girl with the light luggage with Claudia Cardinale and the diary of a sinner with Marcello Mastroianni . His first collaboration with Costa-Gavras was murder included in the fare . In the late 1960s he started his own production company, Reggane Films . The background to the foundation was the shooting of Constantin Costa-Gavras ' political thriller Z , which was based on the real facts of a military coup in Greece. Since no production company wanted to take on the explosive material, Perrin, as one of the main actors in the film, quickly founded the production company that later made many left-wing political and socially critical films. He worked as an actor and producer in Home Sweet Home (1973), Benoît Lamy's film about an uprising in a retirement home. The film, in which Perrin as the social worker and Claude Jade as the nurse were the only young leading actors, won 14 international awards. Spurred on by this success, Perrin has remained a producer ever since. The yearning for Africa , produced by him in 1976 , won the 1977 Oscar for best foreign film. In addition to his acting career, Perrin remained loyal to producing: He also produced the political episode film 11'09 "01 - September 11 , which was made in 2002. He was a romantic hero in two of Jacques Demy's films : The Girls of Rochefort and Eselshaut . The Maxence in the Rochefort Musical became his favorite role, after which he later named his son. His young woman murderer in The Strangler with the White Scarf meant a breach of image . However, Perrin remained loyal to the politically and humanistically engaged cinema ( special tribunal , Trautes Heim ).

At the beginning of the 1980s, he starred alongside demanding films such as L'honneur d'un capitaine and Une robe noire pour un tueur in conventional entertainment products such as L'année des méduses ( Devilish Embrace ) and Parole de flic ( The Panther ) .

The most successful film of his later work is Cinema Paradiso by Giuseppe Tornatore , in which he played the aged hero Salvatore, a boy who loves cinema and who later becomes a film director, in the framework of the story.

His animal film Nomads of the Skies (2001), for which he observed wild birds for three years, and the film The Children of Monsieur Mathieu from 2004, in which he was a producer and actor , also became very well known .

Jacques Perrin is married to Valentine Perrin, with whom he has two sons: Maxence Perrin (* 1995) and Lancelot Perrin. His son from a previous relationship, Mathieu Simonet , is also an actor and director. His sister Eva Simonet and her son Christophe Barratier are also active in the film industry.

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