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James Bennett Pritchard (born October 4, 1909 in Louisville (Kentucky) , † January 1, 1997 ) was an American Biblical archaeologist and religious scholar.


He examined the relationships between the religions of ancient Israel, Canaan , Egypt , Assyria and Babylon . He took part in numerous important excavations: Gibeon , Tell es-Sa'idiyeh on the east bank of the Jordan in Jordan , and Sarafand , Lebanon , where the ancient Phoenician city ​​of Sarepta was uncovered.

He worked for a long time at the University of Pennsylvania , where he was Professor of Religious Studies (religious thought) and the first curator of Biblical Archeology at the University Museum . Pritchard's strength was that he placed the Bible in a broader cultural context in the ancient Middle East .

His work Ancient Near Eastern Texts relating to the Old Testament in three editions (1950, 1955, 1969), which provides reliable translations of texts, became an internationally acclaimed book that shed light on the context of the Hebrew Bible . This anthology brings together the most significant historical, jurisprudential, mythological, liturgical and secular texts of the ancient Near East with the aim of providing a rich contextual framework for understanding the people, cultures and literature of the Old Testament . Eminent linguists, historians and archaeologists were selected to translate the texts: William Foxwell Albright ( Johns Hopkins University ), H. Louis Ginzberg ( Jewish Theological Seminary ), Albrecht Goetze ( Yale University ), Samuel Noah Kramer ( University of Pennsylvania ), Theophile J. Meek ( University of Toronto ), A. Leo Oppenheim ( University of Chicago ), Robert H. Pfeiffer ( Harvard University ), A. Sachs ( Brown University ), Ephraim Avigdor Speiser (University of Pennsylvania), Ferris J. Stephens ( Yale University), John A. Wilson (University of Chicago).

The American Philosophical Society , of which he had been an elected member since 1973, honored him with their Benjamin Franklin Medal in 1990 .


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