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Jantschkifels / Junčkove peči
height 1368  m above sea level A.
location on the Hühnerkogel (Košenjak)
Mountains Koralpe
Coordinates 46 ° 39 '7 "  N , 15 ° 3' 47"  E Coordinates: 46 ° 39 '7 "  N , 15 ° 3' 47"  E
Jantschkifels (Alps)
particularities The border triangle of Carinthia, Styria and Slovenia

The Jantschkifels , in Slovenian Junčkove peči , is a 1368  m high rocky summit in the southern Koralpe. It forms the border triangle between the Austrian federal states of Carinthia and Styria with the Republic of Slovenia .

Location and landscape

The Jantschkifels lies in the southernmost, somewhat independent massif of the Koralpe, the Hühnerkogel (Košenjak, 1522  m ), in the ridge eastwards to Kozji Vrh  ( 1383  m ). To the east lies the Styrian Laaken , to the north behind the valley of the Feistritz (Mučka Bistrica) Soboth , both communities Eibiswald . To the west lies the Carinthian St. Magdalena (Magdalensberg) in the municipality of Lavamünd on the Soboth Pass , the area belongs to the cadastral municipality of Lorenzenberg . Immediately to the south lies the Slovenian Kozji Vrh nad Dravogradom , municipality of Dravograd (Unterdrauburg) in Koroška, in the Drau Valley .

The summit rock appears as a relatively inconspicuous rock formation in the style of Koralm ovens - this is also the Slovenian name peč , oven ', meaning' rock 'or' cave ', borrowed from Pötsche in German .

The rock itself does not exactly form the country corner, on it is the boundary stone XV / 12 on the Carinthian-Slovenian border, the actual three-country corner is stone XV / 9 150 m to the east below. This is then also the most easterly point of Carinthia.


The area is formed from garnet mica schist , which separates itself from the main mass of Koralpen crystalline. This is included in the Plankogel series of the Saualpe and the eastern Gurktal Alps .

Nature and development

On the Slovenian side, the rock formation is designated as a natural value ( Lokalni naravne vrednot No. 7363 ). The area belongs to the Styrian landscape protection area Soboth – Radlpass  (03), the Slovenian area of ​​natural value Košenjak – Kozji vrh  (7330) and the ecologically important area (Ekološko pomembna območja) Košenjak  (43500). It is also part of the designated habitat of the brown bear (Življenjsko območje medveda).

A hiking trail that is part of the Südalpenweg (Austrian long-distance hiking trail 03) and Grenzpanoramaweg leads over the ridge . It changes the border here several times, and leads from Laaken over the Sveti Urban mountain chapel  ( 1328  m ) - Jantschkifels - Hühnerkogel to Lorenzenberg . Alternatively, a newer waymarking passes north a little below. Approaches are possible from all sides via numerous forest paths.

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