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Koroška statistical region

Koroška ( Slovenian Koroška statistična regija ) is a statistical region in Slovenia at NUTS 3 level.

The region, which was set up in May 2005 for statistical purposes and does not have any administrative tasks, covers 1,041 km² with 71,010 inhabitants (2016). The population is declining (2008: 72,837; 2012: 72,267; 2016: 71,010).

This statistical region only partially covers the Slovenian parts of the former Duchy of Carinthia ( Slovenska Koroška ) and also includes areas that were once included in Lower Styria , whereas Jezersko was incorporated into the Gorenjska statistical region .

The following seven municipalities in the historic Slovenian region of Štajerska (Lower Styria) were incorporated into the Koroška statistical region: Slovenj Gradec , Radlje ob Dravi , Muta , Mislinja , Vuzenica , Podvelka , Ribnica na Pohorju and some parts of Dravograd .

From the historical region of Koroška remained in the statistical region of Koroška: Ravne na Koroškem as the main town of the enlarged region, Prevalje , Mežica and Črna na Koroškem and some parts of Dravograd.

Neighboring regions are Savinjska and Podravska , otherwise the region borders on the Austrian federal states of Styria and Carinthia .

This region is part of the Euregio Styria-Slovenia as a representation of interests of the border region, which dismantle the common "development barriers on both sides of the borders", build "networks of relationships" and through the "growing together in the region" historical concepts with the requirements of a modern Europe Tried to connect regions .

coat of arms local community German
map Area
Črna na Koroškem.png Črna na Koroškem Schwarzenbach Map Crna na Koroskem si.png 156.0 3,324 21st SI013
Dravograd.png Dravograd Unterdrauburg Map Dravograd si.png 105.0 8,932 85 SI013
Mežica.png Mežica Mießdorf Map Mezica si.png 26.4 3,573 135 SI013
Mislinja.png Mislinja Failure Map Mislinja si.png 112.2 4,590 41 SI013
Grb.Muta.png Muta Hohenmauthen Card Muta si.png 38.8 3,373 87 SI013
Podvelka.png Podvelka Podwölling Map Podvelka si.png 103.9 2,365 23 SI013
COA-Prevalje.gif Prevalje Prevali Map Prevalje si.png 58.1 6,781 117 SI013
COA-Radlje ob Dravi.gif Radlje ob Dravi Mahrenberg on the Drau Map Radlje ob Dravi si.png 93.9 6.218 66 SI013
Ravne na Koroškem.png Ravne na Koroškem Gutenstein Map Ravne na Koroskem si.png 63.4 11,321 179 SI013
Ribnica na Pohorju.png Ribnica na Pohorju Reifing am Bachern Map Ribnica na Pohorju si.png 59.3 1,178 20th SI013
Slovenj Gradec grb.png Slovenj Gradec Windischgrätz Map Slovenj Gradec si.png 173.7 16,686 96 SI013
Vuzenica.png Vuzenica Saldenhofen Map Vuzenica si.png 50.1 2,669 53 SI013
total: 1,040.8 71,010 68

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