Jezersko (Slovenia)

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Coat of arms of Jezersko Map of Slovenia, position of Jezersko highlighted
Basic data
Country SloveniaSlovenia Slovenia
Historic region Lower Carinthia / Koroška
Statistical region Gorenjska (Upper Carniola)
Coordinates 46 ° 24 '  N , 14 ° 30'  E Coordinates: 46 ° 23 '34 "  N , 14 ° 29' 51"  E
height 900  m. i. J.
surface 68.8  km²
Residents 696 (2008)
Population density 10 inhabitants per km²
License Plate KR
Structure and administration

Jezersko (officially: Občina Jezersko ; German : municipality of Seeland ) is a Slovenian municipality in the valley of the Kanker immediately south of the Austrian-Slovenian border crossing Seebergsattel . It is divided into Zgornje Jezersko (Upper Zealand) and Spodnje Jezersko (Lower Zealand), the former being the origin of the settlement.


This mountain village is located in northern Slovenia at 900 m. ü. M. in a rural-alpine region, which is characterized by meadows and pastures as well as an almost "audible" silence interrupted only by the occasional ringing of cow bells. The village is surrounded by the Steiner Alps ( Slovenian : Kamniške Alpe ) and part of the Karawanken ( Slovenian : Karavanke ) and offers a good view of the mountains.


The Slovenian-speaking community was part of the Duchy of Carinthia and fell to the Kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1919 through the peace treaty of St. Germain, together with the Miessal and Unterdrauburg .

It was the only area of ​​the Duchy of Carinthia that was voluntarily given up in autumn 1918 by a resolution of the state parliament: in the form of an exchange of territory with Slovenia, which in return ceded its German-speaking community Weißenfels ( Fusine in Valromana ) to Carinthia, but shortly afterwards together with the Canal Valley had to be ceded to Italy .

Since 2018, Jezersko has been the first Slovenian member to be part of the international alpine association initiative mountaineering villages .


The name Seeland or Jezersko (in Slovenian the adjective derived from See ) refers to an extensive glacial lake that used to occupy the valley floor, but gradually drained away as a result of the severe earthquake of 1348 .


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