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Jens-August Schade (1973)

Jens August Schade (born January 10, 1903 in Skive , † November 20, 1978 in Copenhagen ) was a Danish poet and writer .


Jens August Schade made his debut in the magazine “Atlantis” in 1925 with his prose poem “Konkyliens Sang”. His volumes of poetry, the satirical “Sjov in Danmark” (Fun in Denmark) and his 1930 book Hjerte-bogen - himmelske sange (Book of the Heart) received attention .

His most famous novel was published in 1944 and is entitled Mennesker mødes og sød musik opstaar i hjetzt . It achieved several editions in Germany under the title “People meet and their hearts are full of sweet music”. Its locations are Brønshøj and Rio de Janeiro and the story is about an exotic brothel where pure love is possible. The novel was filmed as a romantic comedy in a Danish-Swedish production with Harriet Andersson and Eva Dahlbeck in 1967 (German distribution title: They meet, they love each other, and their hearts are full of sweet music ) and in 1968 won the Bodil Prize for the best Danish film . Schade also wrote some plays. In the past, he was sometimes hostile to his erotic poems, but today he is mainly recognized for “his bold modernization of the formal language of poetry”.

In 1963 Jens August Schade was awarded the great Danish Academy Prize. With the poem "Læren om staten" (from: Sjov i Danmark ) he is represented in Denmark's 2006 cultural canon . Schade's grave is in the Assistens Cemetery in Nørrebro .


Kender I den lyse digter Schade? / Har I set ham selv ved solnedgang? / The on the edges of the round ball / sidder han and kysser on sin blyant.
Do you know him, the light poet Schade? / Did you see him at sunset? / On the edge of the round ball there / looks he is sitting kissing his pencil. "

- Jens August What a shame

Book publications

Danish original editions (selection)

  • Sjov i Danmark, eller som man ser det - satirisk sangværk , Gyldendal , 1928
  • Hjerte-bogen - himmelske sange , Nyt Nordisk Forlag , 1930
  • Jordens ansigt , Rasmus Naver, 1932
  • Urskoven ”, med Hans Scherfig , Wilhelm Hansen, 1937
  • Mennesker mødes and sød music opstaar i current , Nyt Nordisk Forlag, 1944
  • Schades højsang - lyrisk symfoni , Thaning & Appel, 1958
  • Kællinge - og andre digte , Weimar & Archen, 1975

German editions

  • They meet, they love each other, and their hearts are full of sweet music. Novel. Translation: Karen Hilbert. Heyne, Munich 1968
  • People meet and their hearts are full of sweet music. Nautilus / Nemo Press, Hamburg 1985, ISBN 3-922513-22-0


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