Joe Anyone

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German title Joe Anyone
Original title Joe Somebody
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2001
length 98 minutes
Age rating FSK o. A.
Director John Pasquin
script John Scott Shepherd
production Anne Kopelson ,
Arnold Kopelson ,
Arnon Milchan
music George S. Clinton
camera Daryn Okada
cut David Finfer

Joe Jedermann (Original title: Joe Somebody ) is an American feature film from 2001 . Tim Allen played the main role .


The inconspicuous employee Joe Scheffer is knocked down by a colleague in the company parking lot in front of his daughter Natalie. The manager of the personnel department, Meg Harper and Jeremy, fearing a lawsuit against the company and pay special attention to Joe.

But when Joe surprisingly announces a revenge, he wins recognition from his colleagues and is even invited to an exclusive sports club. His ex-wife Callie wants to win him back, but Natalie fears that her mother will let her father down again after a while. Joe falls in love with Meg, who dreams of working with the children in a school.

In a subplot, Joe is prepared for the fight by ex- martial arts star Chuck Scarett.


“The sympathetic-harmless family comedy marks the third collaboration between comedian Tim Allen and director John Pasquin. Allen fits perfectly into the role of the average man. A number of clichés are picked up, but with unexpected twists and turns the story ruder is torn around again. Wacky episodes and thoughtful tones complement each other for a well-rounded family entertainment. "

- Focus: film

“In-depth comedy that sensitizes people to the contradictions and conflicts of everyday life. Since she always wants to be entertaining and enjoyable, she gets into a quandary at times, wanting to apologize for the satirical sharpness and clairvoyance of her own analysis. "

"Tim" Tool Time "Allen, who has long been a superstar on television, also proves to be the perfect embodiment of the man from the people and the driving force for friends of naive, sympathetic family comedies."



Hayden Panettiere was honored for her role in the film prize Young Artist Award nominated.

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