Johann Anton zu Hardegg

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Johann Anton Leonhard Graf von Hardegg-Glatz and in the Machlande (born October 8, 1773 in Vienna ; † December 26, 1825 there ) was an Austrian Lieutenant Field Marshal and knight of the Maria Theresa Order .


The ninth son of Count Johann Anton Conrad Hardegg and his wife Augustine Countess Wilczek came from the old Lower Austrian noble Hardegg family from the Stetteldorfer line. His two brothers Ignaz Franz (1772 - 1848) and Johann Heinrich (1778 - 1854) also achieved high positions in the Austrian military.

In 1789 he joined as a cadet in the Infantry Regiment. 30 (en Ligne) and was on July 24, 1789 lieutenant and on April 1, 1790 to lieutenant appointed. After serving with the Kaiser-Chevauxlegers- and Meszaros-Uhlans, he moved to the Italian Pioneer Battalion in May 1796, where he distinguished himself as a captain at Vallegio. During the siege of Mantua by the French, he was at the head of the avant-garde under Wurmser in six casualties . On August 17, 1799, he was appointed major , fought in June before Turin and in August stood with the siege troops before Serravalle . In January 1801 he became a lieutenant colonel and switched to cavalry after the engineering corps had been downsized .

In the campaign of 1805 he distinguished himself under Archduke Karl in the battle of Caldiero (October 29th to 31st) with his Kaiser-Chevauxlegers cavalry so that he was awarded the Knight's Cross of the Maria Theresa Order in April 1806 .

In the campaign of 1809 he commanded the Leveneur dragoon regiment as a colonel , which on April 19 covered the retreat of the Austrians near Arndorf and successfully counterattacks at Klosterrohr. After participating in the Battle of Aspern , he was promoted to major general on May 24, 1809 . He was retired early on May 16, 1812, but after Austria's entry into the war he rejoined the army on July 26, 1813 on the part of the coalition. In the Battle of Leipzig (October 16-18, 1813) he had so distinguished himself personally that he was appointed Lieutenant Field Marshal while still on the battlefield. As leader of his own division, he moved across the Rhine in January 1814 and led his troops in the battle of Brienne (January 31 and February 1), at Ardusson (February 10), in combat with Mormant (February 17) and at the battle of Bar-sur-Aube (February 27). On March 8th Bray was trapped, on March 18th he still fought at Fère-Champenoise and on March 21st at the battle of Arcis-sur-Aube (March 21st), where he was wounded in the head and his command passed to Major General von Geramb had to give up. After the peace he led a division in Hungary before he finally left on November 16, 1817 and died prematurely in 1825 at the age of 52. Johann Anton von Hardegg-Glatz was also the bearer of the Grand Cross of the Russian Order of Saint Anna and the Commander's Cross of the Bavarian Max Joseph Order.