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Ignaz Graf Hardegg, lithograph by Joseph Kriehuber , 1833

Ignaz Franz Graf zu Hardegg on Glatz and in Marchlande (born July 30, 1772 in Vienna , † February 17, 1848 ibid) was an Austrian general of the cavalry . He was an important commander during the Napoleonic Wars and from 1831 to 1848 President of the Court War Council .


Ignaz Graf zu Hardegg came from the old Lower Austrian noble family Hardegg . His two younger brothers Johann Anton (* October 8, 1773; † December 26, 1825) and Johann Heinrich (* May 14, 1778; † June 11, 1854) also reached high positions in the Austrian military.

He had his first war mission in 1788, only 16 years old, under Laudon in the Turkish Wars . Promoted to Rittmeister in 1792 , he took part in the Battle of Jemappes during the First Coalition War in the same year . In 1795 he fought with distinction in the Battle of Handschuchsheim and received the Military Maria Theresa Order for his services .

In 1796 he served in Germany and in 1800 was able to throw back the troops from Breisach . For this act he was commended by Archduke Karl in the general staff order and promoted to major . At the campaign of 1805 was the now for Colonel promoted and commander of the regiment appointed Schwarzenberg Hardegg illness not participate.

During the Fifth Coalition War in 1809 as major general , he again excelled in the battle of Aspern von Essling . In the following battle near Wagram he defended his position near Baumersdorf with great perseverance and received the Grand Cross for the Military Maria Theresa Order for his bravery . In 1813 he took part in the campaign in Bohemia and the Battle of Dresden and was promoted to Lieutenant Field Marshal in the same year . In the Battle of the Nations near Leipzig he led the vanguard of the left wing, but received a serious head injury at Dölitz . Recovered, he was able to take part in the fighting in France in 1814 . He stormed the city of Moret, stubbornly defended by General Montbrun, and later fought with the Southern Army against Marshal Augereau .

Hardegg took part in the Congress of Vienna in 1815 , where he was added to the Russian Tsar Alexander I , a position that he later retained at the congresses in Opava , Verona and Laibach . In 1829 Hardegg was appointed military commander of Linz and a year later he was appointed commander of Transylvania . In 1831, as General of the Cavalry, he became President of the Court War Council, an office that he held until his death. On October 28, 1841 he was awarded the Order of the Black Eagle , the highest distinction of the Kingdom of Prussia .

In 1836 he was accepted into the Order of the Golden Fleece .

Ignaz Graf zu Hardegg died on February 17, 1848 at the age of 75 in Vienna.


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