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Johann Balthasar Braun (* 1643 / 1644 in Amöneburg ; † 4. November 1688 in Salzburg ) was a German jurist and university lecturer.


Johann Balthasar Braun from Amöneburg in Hesse attended the Jesuit college in Fulda and studied law in Marburg (1660), Gießen (1661) and Würzburg (1670), where he received his doctorate in both rights. His grave inscription also names Mainz and Heidelberg as places of study, but it cannot be found in the university registers there.

Appointed to the chair for the institutions at the Benedictine University of Salzburg in 1671 , he held his inaugural lecture there on January 13, 1672. After the death of Professor Christoph Bluemblacher in 1674, at his request, the Archbishop gave him the better-paid professorship of the Pandects and, after the death of Professor Hermann Hermes, was promoted to the most highly endowed professorship of the Codex and German constitutional law. He was dean of the law faculty five times and on November 19, 1675 was appointed councilor of the High Princely Salzburg.

Braun was very popular as a professor, and his lectures were always well attended by the students, including the later professors Robert König and Joseph Bernhard Gletle . Transcripts of his lectures are preserved in the Graz University Library .

After three months in sick leave, he died on November 4, 1688 at the age of 45 in Salzburg and was buried in an earth grave in the Sacellum the next day with great sympathy from the students . His widow Maria Susanna Khnoblach († May 4, 1736), daughter of the general owner Marzellin Khnoblach, had a marble epitaph set for him under the organ gallery . The Mezger brothers honored him with an ologium in the Historia Salisburgensis . Braun's Historia Augusta , an imperial story in short biographies based on the model of Plutarch , reaching from Caesar to his time, was only printed ten years after his death.


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