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Johann Matthias Schneuber (born February 2, 1614 in Müllheim [Baden] , † December 26, 1665 in Strasbourg ) was a German and Latin poet and teacher of the Baroque period .


As a child, Schneuber learned the French language in Montbéliard , later visited the Konvikt in Durlach , but after the battle of Nördlingen, like many others, had to flee to the safe city of Strasbourg, where he matriculated in August 1634 . Together with Isaiah Rompler and other poets, he founded the Aufrichtige Tannengesellschaft here to keep the German language clean. Until he obtained his master's degree, he earned an extra income by producing casual poetry. In 1637 he was employed as Professor Poeseos at the Strasbourg Protestant grammar school. In 1642 he was appointed to the university with the same title. On the recommendation of Georg Philipp Harsdörffers , he was accepted into the Fruitful Society in 1648 under the nickname <The Smelling One> . In the same year he was appointed head of the Strasbourg grammar school, which he held until his death in 1665.


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