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Johann Moller, contemporary copper engraving

Johannes Moller (born February 17, 1661 in Flensburg , † October 2, 1725 in Flensburg) was a German teacher, writer and literary historian . His main work is the writer's lexicon Cimbria literata .

life and work

Moller was born in Flensburg as the son of Pastor Claus Moller. His mother Christina Breckling was a sister of Friedrich Breckling . Three of his brothers became pastors in the Duchy of Schleswig , one (Nicholas) professor at the University of Kiel and a fifth provost Marienburg in Livonia .

After attending the Latin school in Flensburg, he studied theology, philosophy and history in Kiel from 1676 and in Leipzig from 1678 . He stayed in Hamburg 1681–1684 and in Copenhagen 1684–85 , among other things to do research there. In 1685 he became a teacher at the quinta at the Latin School, now the Altes Gymnasium , in Flensburg. He rose in the college until he was finally rector in 1701. In 1711 he founded the school's library, which grew to 1,300 volumes by 1725. Despite several calls at universities, he stayed in Flensburg until his death.

Moller's main interest was, besides school work, literature and personal history, on which he had been collecting material since his youth. His main work is Cimbria literata sive Scriptorum ducatus utriusque Slesvicensis et Holsatici, quibus et alii vicini quidam accensentur, historia literaria tripartita , an extensive lexicon of writers in Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg and Lübeck, which includes three volumes and 1744 by Olaus Heinrich Moller based on his father's preparatory work were issued. It is still an important source of the personal and literary history of Schleswig-Holstein in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Moller was married to Anna Stricker (1677–1743), the daughter of the Flensburg mayor Bernhard Stricker.




  1. The writer's lexicon was continued, each in editions by: Berend Kordes , Hans Schröder and Eduard Alberti .

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