Josef Vrana

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Epitaph for Josef Vrana in the Olomouc Cathedral

Josef Vrana (born October 17, 1905 in Střibrnice , † November 30, 1987 in Olomouc ) was a Czech clergyman and administrator of the Archdiocese of Olomouc and titular bishop of Octabia .


Coat of arms of the titular bishop of Octabia

After the death of the interned Archbishop of Olomouc Josef Karel Matocha in 1961, the Czechoslovak authorities refused to accept a new candidate for bishopric ( František Vaňák ) proposed by the Holy See . Finally, on February 19, 1973, Josef Vrana, who was favored by the communist regime, was appointed administrator.

Vrana's position is controversial. To avoid worse, the Vatican accepted his appointment and at the same time made him titular bishop of Octabia . Nevertheless, he did not have full confidence in him and avoided calling him "Bishop of Olomouc", as the state authorities have requested.

In the Bishops' Conference , of which he was a member, Vrana was supposed to enforce the state guidelines and expectations. Nevertheless, he should also have tried to do justice to his duties as a bishop. Neither his fellow bishops nor the faithful, who saw him as a traitor, trusted him. He was honored by the state authorities, but at the same time he was also distrusted. B. his office and his phone calls were bugged.

Vrana was buried in the Fürstenberg chapel of the Olomouc Cathedral, where an epitaph commemorates him.

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