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Archbishop Anton Cyril Stojan
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Anton Cyril Stojan (Czech: Antonín Cyril Stojan ; born May 22, 1851 in Beňov , Central Moravia ; † September 29, 1923 in Olomouc ) was Archbishop of Olomouc from 1921 to 1923 . Stojan was an important promoter of the Cyrillo-Methodian idea. For decades he worked for the unity of the Christian Church by actively advocating rapprochement between Catholics and Orthodox.


Stojan was the fifth of eight children from a poor village cobbler. In 1872 he passed the Abitur in Kremsier . He then studied at the theological faculty in Olomouc and was ordained a priest in 1876 by the Archbishop of Olomouc, Friedrich Egon von Fürstenberg . After a short activity in Štíty, he worked as a chaplain in Příbor for 11 years . 1888–1908 he was pastor in Dražovice . In 1896 he received his doctorate in theology. 1908–1917 he was provost of the collegiate chapter St. Mauritz in Kremsier, since 1917 he was a resident canon of the cathedral chapter in Olomouc. At the beginning of 1921 he was elected vicar capitular and in March of that year the Holy See made him Archbishop of Olomouc. Because of the poor relationship between the Czechoslovak government and the Vatican, the reoccupation of the Moravian archdiocese was associated with difficulties.

In addition to his work as a priest, Stojan was also politically active. In 1897 he became a member of the Vienna Imperial Council for the Czech clericals, two years later he was one of the founders of the Christian Social Party and became its member in the Moravian state parliament. After the establishment of Czechoslovakia , Stojan belonged to the first national assembly , obtained a mandate for the second parliamentary chamber in 1920 and was thus senator of the Czechoslovak Republic.

Stojan worked as an organizer and inspirer of numerous Catholic cultural and social institutions and associations in Moravia . His efforts in the area of ​​popular education were particularly intense. He was also committed to the preservation of two important Moravian pilgrimage sites and cultural monuments: the Moravian holy mountain Hostýn and the former Cistercian monastery Velehrad . Stojan was one of the most important promoters of the Cyril and Methodist movement in Moravia, which sought a Catholicism with Czech and generally Slavic characteristics. The religious center of this movement was the Velehrad, which is said to have been the bishopric of Methodius during the Great Moravian Empire . In 1901 Stojan founded the Cyrillo-Methodian Cultural Fund to support the Catholic Czech school system and in 1907 a Cyrillo-Methodian printing and publishing company. Two years later he set up the Velehrad Academy, which, among other things, was supposed to promote theological exchange with Slavic Orthodoxy and published its own scientific journal. Finally, in 1916, a papal mission institute was built on Velehrad, which was supposed to work towards a reunification of the Orthodox Slavs with the Roman Church. Several conferences and congresses organized by Stojan as well as his diverse writing and journalistic activities were also directed towards this thought. As a canon and bishop, Stojan was also committed to improving the training of German priests in the Archdiocese of Olomouc .

The archbishop suffered a stroke on May 11, 1923, from the consequences of which he died a little later. He is buried in the basilica of the Velehrad monastery.

The Archdiocese of Olomouc asked for Stojan's beatification in Rome . Pope Francis awarded him the heroic degree of virtue on June 14, 2016 .


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