Maria Thaddäus von Trautmannsdorff

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Bishop Maria Thaddäus von Trautmannsdorff, lithograph by Faustin Herr (before 1812)
Coat of arms of Maria Thaddäus von Trautmannsdorff, Archbishop of Olomouc (1815-1819)

Maria Thaddäus von Trautmannsdorff (also: Trauttman (n) sdorff ; Trauttmansdorf-Weinsberg ; Czech Maria Tadeáš Trauttmansdorff ; * May 28, 1761 in Graz ; † January 20, 1819 in Vienna ) was Roman Catholic Bishop of Königgrätz and then Archbishop of Olomouc as well as cardinal .


His parents were the Reichsgraf Weikhart von Trautmannsdorff and Anna, geb. by Wurmbrandt. After completing high school in Graz, he studied from 1780 as a student at the German College in Rome and received his doctorate in 1782 for Dr. theol. After Joseph II had relocated the college to Pavia , Maria Thaddäus also moved there, where he turned to late Jansenism under the influence of individual teachers .

Before he was ordained a priest , which he received in Graz on December 20, 1783, Maria Thaddäus received a canonical in Olomouc. In the next few years he worked as a pastor in the parishes of Jägerndorf and Holleschau and learned the Czech language. He is said to have turned away from Jansenism through contact with the archbishop's court in Kremsier .

Maria Thaddäus von Trautmannsdorff was a member of the Freemasons Association . His mother lodge was the Masonic lodge to the united hearts in Graz .

Bishop of Königgrätz

In 1793 Maria Thaddäus was appointed bishop of Trieste , but the emperor nominated him as bishop of Königgrätz. After he had revoked the theses of his dissertation published in 1783 , which had been indexed since 1789 , the Pope agreed to the nomination. He was consecrated as bishop on September 8, 1795 in Kremsier by the Archbishop of Olomouc Anton Theodor von Colloredo-Waldsee-Mels .

His outstanding achievements include the establishment of the Königgrätzer seminary with a theological educational institution and the establishment of a philosophical course at the Leitomischler Piarist High School . He set up a support fund for teacher widows and orphans, for which teachers and pastors paid contributions. As one of the few Bohemian landlords, he divided up lands and leased them.

Archbishop of Olomouc

On November 26th, 1811, the Olomouc cathedral chapter elected Maria Thaddäus von Trautmannsdorff to succeed the late Anton Theodor von Colloredo-Waldsee-Mels. He did not receive the papal translation until March 15, 1815, as Pope Pius VII was imprisoned by Napoleon for several years.

Maria Thaddäus was also active in charity in Olomouc. He renounced big celebrations and pageantry and distributed the money saved as a result to the poor and the sick. With his clergy he attached importance to good manners and education as well as to an understandable language in the proclamation of the faith. During his visitation trips he acted as a pastor and personally took over the pastoral duties.


Because of his merits, Pope Pius VII appointed him cardinal priest in 1816 , but there was no longer a title church . Emperor Franz I awarded him the Grand Cross of the Austro-Imperial Leopold Order .


  • De tolerantia ecclesiastica et civili. Dissertation, 1783.


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