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Königsberg are the following geographical objects:

Cities, municipalities and administrative units:

Parts of the community and abandoned (= abandoned, abandoned) places:

  • Saareinsberg , district of the municipality Goetzenbruck, Lorraine, France (formerly Koenigsberg )
  • a hamlet of Wola Zarczycka , village in Subcarpathian Voivodeship, Poland (formerly Koenigsberg )
  • Kunšperk , village in the municipality of Bistrica ob Sotli, Slovenia (formerly Königsberg , Lower Styria)
  • Královec (Opatov v Čechách) , abandoned district of the municipality Opatov v Čechách , Pardubický region, Czech Republic ( Königsberg , Bohemia, near Abtsdorf near Zwittau)


Mountains and Elevations:

Königsberg is the name of the following people:

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