Cantonal school Oerlikon

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Cantonal school Oerlikon
View of the auditorium
type of school Cantonal school ( grammar school )
founding 1971

Birchstrasse 107
8050 Zurich

place Zurich
Canton Zurich
Country Switzerland
Coordinates 682 761  /  251411 coordinates: 47 ° 24 '30 "  N , 8 ° 32' 7"  O ; CH1903:  682,761  /  251411
student around 1200
Teachers about 150
management Michael Bleichenbacher

The Kantonsschule Oerlikon (KSOe) was a public secondary school in Zurich - Oerlikon with the Matura profiles in ancient language, modern language and mathematical and natural science, as well as a lower grammar school. With around 1200 students, who are taught by more than 150 teachers, the school was one of the largest grammar schools in the Canton of Zurich. In the fall semester of 2012/2013, the Oerlikon Cantonal School merged with the Zurich Birch Cantonal School. Together they now form the largest canton school in Zurich, the Zurich North Canton School .


History and mission statement

In 1971 the KSOe was founded as the first coeducational middle school in the city of Zurich . In the first four years, however, it was not in Oerlikon , but in various makeshift arrangements in the city center. It was not until 1975 that the company moved to its current location. The building project approved by the people in the second attempt contains the 3 main wings, one of which houses the Zurich Birch Cantonal School (KZB), the gymnasium and the cafeteria. In 1995 the KSOe got a 14 million franc auditorium.

This is an excerpt from the KSOe's mission statement, which briefly summarizes the achievements and goals of the Cantonal School: “ Our school is run in an open spirit that is characterized by human commitment. Simple structures ensure unbureaucratic administrative processes. This creates space for good communication and personal contacts between all school members. We cultivate relationships with parents, elementary schools and secondary educational institutions. »

Construction and location

Overview of the KSOe

The KSOe was located in a 4-story complex, which it shares with the KZB. The two-story media library of both canton schools, which was expanded in 2004, is also located in the main building. There is also a separate cafeteria, 6 gyms, 2 of which belonged to the KZB, and a quarter-circle auditorium. The KSOe facility is surrounded by a sports facility and a smaller greenhouse.

The location is near the Oerlikon train station . The next VBZ stops are the stations " Bad Allenmoos " or "Regensbergbrücke" on tram line 11 and "Birchdörfli" on bus line 32. This made the school particularly attractive for students from the north of Zurich and the northern agglomeration communities.

KSOe specialties

Optional subjects

The KSOe offered a large number of facultative subjects, including a. Instrumental lessons , sports, dance and theater. There are also additional language lessons or other electives. The KZN will continue to offer this wide range of services.

Occasions and camps

Every year there are special events such as the "Röselitag" and the "Christmas Ball" organized by the school organization (SO), snow sports camps or concerts for instrumental lessons. The concentration camps tried to adopt this tradition.

In addition, there are trips and camps that are more geared towards learning content, such as the working week in the 4th grade or the INDIAWO in the 6th grade , the interdisciplinary working week in which the class groups break up and regroup according to interests. In addition, a three-week "Huusi" takes place in the 4th grade, an intensive housekeeping course that has since been abolished for reasons of economy.

Health promotion

In addition to the compulsory school sport and the sport electives, there are two special theme days, the addiction prevention day in the 2nd grade and the AIDS prevention day in the 3rd grade . Professional student counseling is available to students during school time.

Student organization SO

The SO is an organ of the student body, which looks after the interests of the students and represents them as far as possible. The SO promotes cooperation between students, teachers, school management and parents. She provides a representative during the convention, where she represents the interests of the pupils and gives their opinions. The SO also organizes various events (see “Events and camps”), which make up an annual section in the KSOe's agenda.

in the pulse

"im puls " was the name of the internal magazine, which appeared twice per school year with a circulation of 1,800 copies. In addition to articles on everyday school life and the topics in focus, it formed the official annual report of the KSOe. The supplement "Directories" contained comprehensive information on the KSOe's school operations. Special attention was paid to the balance of reporting between teachers and students, or between the various levels.

ICT at the KSOe

The subject "Working with the Computer" teaches students how to use the computer in a targeted and efficient manner. Some of the math lessons also include computer science with a focus on algorithms. Computer rooms are freely available to the students. The project " L ernen with the p ersönlichen L aptop" LpL whole classes and the teachers are equipped with laptops, thus further deepening is possible in the medium computer. The infrastructure is based on Apple Macintosh computers.

Individual evidence

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