Wiedikon Cantonal School

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Wiedikon Cantonal School
type of school Cantonal school (grammar school)
founding 1965

Goldbrunnenstrasse 80
8055 Zurich

place Zurich
Canton Zurich
Country Switzerland
Coordinates 681 322  /  247012 coordinates: 47 ° 22 '8 "  N , 8 ° 30' 55"  O ; CH1903:  six hundred and eighty-one thousand three hundred and twenty-two  /  247012
student 858 (as of May 2016)
Teachers about 160
management Martin Andermatt (Rector), Michel Bourquin (Vice Rector), Maria Ritscher (Vice Rector), Daniel Leo Meier (Head of School)
Website www.kwi.ch

The Kantonsschule Wiedikon (abbreviated KWI) is a public secondary school in Zurich with the Matura profiles in old and new language as well as music. Its name comes from the Zurich district of the same name .



The Wiedikon Cantonal School offers a federal Matura with an old-language, modern-language or musical profile. All courses last six years, but the artistic Matura can also be obtained within four years in a short grammar school after at least two years of training at a secondary school .

Students with a good grade point average are offered an immersion course in which some of the subjects are taught in English .


The Wiedikon Cantonal School emerged on April 27, 1965 under the name Töchterschule der Stadt Zürich, Department V, from a space-related division of the girls' high school on the Hohen Promenade . Department V has found its new location in the former Bühl B secondary school, which was built at the turn of the century by the architect and Zurich city master builder Arnold Geiser . This took into account the long-standing wish for a daughter's school to the left of the Limmat and Lake . A low-cost middle school was created not only for the neighboring city districts, but also for the lakeside communities, the Sihl valley and many communities in the Knonau district. Long-term high school and sub-seminar were offered.

After the school was initially underutilized with 172 students, the number of high school students grew extremely quickly, so that in the spring of 1971, only six years after it opened, the school year began with 773 students. When there was no end to the growth in sight, the architect Hugo Müller presented plans for an extension in 1968, which was approved by the electorate on September 14, 1969. Part of the building was already available for occupation at the beginning of 1973. Since there were not enough gyms available, a triple gym was built from 1973 to 1975 below the break area of ​​the Bühl neighborhood school.

As the first grammar school in the canton of Zurich, the Wiedikon canton school introduced simultaneous Latin and French lessons for the first graders of the grammar school. In addition, the concept of a so-called annual theme was developed, a theme that was focussed on for a year across classes and subjects, but which soon had to be dropped due to the enormous organizational effort.

After the school had achieved the status of a federal Matura school, it was able to take its first Matura exams in 1969. In 1975, exactly 100 years after their opening, the Zurich electorate decided to hand over the five daughter schools to the canton, which also made Department V a cantonal school.

Mission statement

In July 1997, the Wiedikon Cantonal School, represented by the Teachers' Convention, adopted a model that summarizes the educational goals and the educational principles in ten points. This includes, among other things:

«Our society needs positive thinking, efficient and motivated people who also put their talents and abilities in the service of the general public and do not let them wither away from indolence - people who are characterized by a keen interest in current affairs and active participation in political and political life cultural life. That is why we not only have high expectations of our students' performance during regular lessons, but also try to awaken and develop their sense of community and culture with theater performances, concerts and exhibitions, with lectures, panel discussions and sporting events . "

KWI specialties

Cultural activities

As a music school, the Wiedikon Cantonal School organizes various cultural events every year:

  • A year-end concert takes place every year. It is carried out for school members, their families and residents in the Bühl church and repeated in the region (Left Lake Bank, Knonauer Amt).
  • On mild summer evenings, the KWI choir and orchestra present musical delicacies to the neighborhood audience as part of a serenade.
  • The student organization alternately holds either a Jazz Night or an OpenMic Evening each year, at which young talents and successful former students present themselves.
  • Theater plays are staged by working groups under the direction of a teacher on an irregular basis.
  • The Music Expert Group regularly organizes public lecture evenings at which both the music teachers and their students give small concerts.
  • The KWI's media library is open to all school members and offers a total of over 16,000 media (including non-fiction, fiction for young people and adults, CDs, DVDs, Matura papers and various magazines).

Musical profile

Following the adoption of the Education Act by the people in 1987, the sub-seminar was converted into a teacher training school, which led to a cantonal Matura certificate. With the introduction of MAR in 1995, this type of school - which has always been strongly influenced by music - became a grammar school with a musical profile, in which, in addition to the basic subjects, either music or visual design is examined as a major subject at the Matura.

Bilingual Matura

One or two classes per year are so-called immersion classes. In immersion lessons, mathematics and history as well as one of the natural science subjects biology, physics or chemistry are taught exclusively in English from the third grade onwards. The purpose of this is to make the students more familiar with the language and to bring them closer to scientific work in English. A pronounced talent for languages, interest in and joy in learning are prerequisites for admission to an immersion class.

Health and study advice

In the opinion of the school management, a good atmosphere in classes and in the school building is the most important prerequisite for promoting health. That is why the KWI offers schoolchildren a low-threshold internal advice center. On the one hand, two specialists (a school doctor and a school advisor) advise those seeking help with social, psychological or medical problems; On the other hand, the pupils have two specialists at their disposal in the field of study issues and career choice.


When a school website proved to be indispensable in the course of advancing technology, a group of teachers and students was formed in July 1998 under the name WebCrew, who dealt with the creation of a website. After the website was completed, the working group remained in place to maintain it and to redesign it from time to time. In this way, the students can learn advanced web design techniques on a real project.

Major graduates (selection)

Web links


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  • Walter Kronbichler: The Zurich Cantonal Schools 1833–1983. Festschrift for the 150th anniversary of the state secondary schools in the Canton of Zurich. Zurich 1983.

Individual evidence

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