Capsules of the Rehoboth Baster

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Flag of the Rehoboth Baster

The chapels of the Rehoboth Baster were the traditional leaders of the Rehoboth Baster in Namibia until the dissolution of the Rehoboth homeland for the independence of Namibia in 1990.

The Constitution of Namibia from 1990 divides the Rehoboth-Baster- Kapteinen no special rights to, such as the traditional leaders of other tribes within Namibia. Your administration, the Basterrat , was dissolved. Internally, however, the Basters stick to their traditional structures. Politically, the Rehoboth Baster are represented by the United People's Movement party. They continued to campaign officially for the independence of the Rehoboth area .

Rehoboth baster capsules

Nicolaas van Wyk 1 ; 1924-1933
Dap Izaaks 1 , † 2005; 1998–1999 (transitional)
Martin Dentlinger 1 ; since 2018 (interim)

1 Controversial.

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