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Biskup Karel Skoupý

Karel Skoupý (born December 30, 1886 in Lipůvka , † January 22, 1972 in Brno ) was a Czech clergyman and bishop of Brno .


Skoupý studied philosophy and theology and obtained the academic degree of Dr. theol. He was ordained a priest on July 16, 1911.

On April 3, 1946, Karel Skoupy was nominated Bishop of Brno and confirmed papally on June 30, 1946. His concerns included the training of priests and the promotion of church schools. At his instigation, an episcopal grammar school was opened in Brno in 1947.

After the Communists came to power in 1948 , his freedom of office was restricted and he had to endure state reprisals . In 1950 he was imprisoned and from 1953 interned and isolated in various secret locations. Even after his release in 1963, he was not allowed to exercise his office and had to live in a Caritas home, where he was still monitored by the state security services. He was only able to exercise his episcopal office in 1968 in the course of the temporary political liberalization through the Prague Spring , but from the beginning of the 1970s he was again observed by the state authorities and his freedom was restricted.

After his death, the reoccupation of the Brno bishopric was prevented until the fall of the communist regime in 1990.

Episcopal coat of arms

Coat of arms of Bishop Karel Skoupý

The coat of arms is divided four times by the cross bars. Fields 1 and 4 show the coat of arms of the diocese of Brno, on a black background two golden crossed keys and an upright sword with a silver blade and red handle. Fields 2 and 3 show a silver anchor with shovels as stylized linden leaves and the patriarchal cross on a green background.

His motto Caritas Christi urget nos - the love of Christ encourages us.

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