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Bishop Mathias Franz Graf von Chorinsky Freiherr von Ledske
Coat of arms of Bishop Mathias Franz Graf von Chorinsky Freiherr von Ledske.

Mathias Franz Graf von Chorinsky Freiherr von Ledske ( Latin Mathias Franciscus Comes de Chorinsky Liber Baron de Ledske , also Czech. Matyáš František hrabě Chorinský svobodný pán z Ledské ; born October 4, 1720 in Pačlavice ; † October 30, 1786 in Gurein ) first count von Chorinsky (together with his brothers), Baron von Ledske, auxiliary bishop in Königgrätz and Olmütz , kuk Real Privy Councilor and first bishop of Brno .

Origin and career

His parents were Franz Karl Freiherr von Chorinsky and Ledske, kuk councilor and captain of the Hradian district in Moravia , lord of the dominions Wesseli and Patschlawitz , and his first wife Maria 'Catherina' Freiin Kottulinsky von Kottulin and Krzizkowitz, from this first marriage there were four sons . Mathias Franz studied in Olomouc , where he was ordained a priest on April 5, 1743 and later appointed cathedral capitular . In 1762 he became dean of the collegiate chapter of St. Peter and Paul in Brno . After the Königgrätzer Bishop Hermann Hannibal von Blümegen took his permanent residence in Brno in 1767 because of disputes with his cathedral chapter , Mathias Franz Chorinsky von Ledske was appointed titular bishop of Sebaste in Palestine ( Samaria ) as well as auxiliary bishop in Königgrätz and two years later coadjutor . After Blümegen's death, Chorinsky succeeded him as Provost of Brno in 1774 and, in 1776, Auxiliary Bishop of Olomouc Bishop Maximilian von Hamilton .

Bishop of Brno

After the death of Bishop Hamilton in 1777, the oversized diocese of Olomouc was divided, at the same time elevated to an archbishopric and the diocese of Brno was established as its suffragan . Archduchess Maria Theresa nominated Mathias Franz Chorinsky von Ledske as its first bishop in her capacity as Queen of Bohemia on May 18, 1777, whom she and his brothers had already elevated to the rank of count in 1761.

The new diocese consisted of 18 deaneries, to which 151 parishes and 28 branch churches were subordinate. During Chorinsky’s tenure, the number of deaneries was doubled, the parishes increased to 254 and the branch churches to 143.

Chorinsky was not very successful in the field of priestly education. The relocation of the university and the seminary from Olomouc in 1778 to the seat of the Moravian provincial government in Brno resulted in disputes between the conservative theologians, who were supported by the Archbishop of Olomouc, Colloredo and Chorinsky, and the reformed Catholics . Although the latter were able to prevail with their ideas and thus reform Catholicism could spread more strongly in Moravia than in the other Austrian regions, the university was moved back to Olomouc in 1782. As a result of the reforms, eight monasteries in the diocese of Brno were abolished, numerous churches profaned and other Josephine measures were carried out.


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