Karl Nöttig

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Carolus Nöttig, lithograph by Adolf Dauthage , 1873
Karl Nöttig's gravestone in front of the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Brno

Karl Nöttig (born December 23, 1806 in Bölten ; † January 14, 1882 ) was Bishop of Brno .


Karl Nöttig was ordained a priest on August 6, 1833 in Brno . After a pastoral work, he was from 1847 vice rector and later superior of the episcopal seminary in Brno. In 1854 he was appointed canon . In the same year he was given the highest school supervision in the diocese.

After the death of Bishop Anton Ernst von Schaffgotsch from Brno , Karl Nöttig was appointed his successor on August 17, 1870. The papal confirmation of November 29th of that year was followed by episcopal ordination on January 8th, 1871 and enthronement on January 23rd of that year .

During his term of office, the difficult implementation of the new interdenominational laws, which mainly affected the school sector, fell. In addition to his episcopal work, he held several pastoral conferences for the clergy . On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the diocesan in 1877, he had the cathedral completely renovated and contributed 10,000 guilders to the costs.

As Bishop of Brno he had a virile vote in the Moravian Parliament from 1873 to 1882 .


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