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Rudolf (Heinrich Georg) von Raumer (born April 14, 1815 in Breslau ; † August 30, 1876 in Erlangen ) was a German linguist and professor of German studies in Erlangen.

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The son of the geologist , geographer and educator Karl Georg von Raumer (1783–1865) and Friederike Reichardt (1790–1869), daughter of the composer Johann Friedrich Reichardt , studied from 1832 classical philology and oriental studies at the University of Erlangen as well as Germanic languages with Friedrich Christoph Dahlmann and the Brothers Grimm at the University of Göttingen . From the year 1834 he joined as four years later, his brother Hans von Raumer of the fraternity of Bubenreuth in. In 1839 he received his doctorate in Erlangen and completed his habilitation here a year later. The university then took him on as a private lecturer , from 1846 as an associate professor and from 1852 as a full professor of German language and literature in a position specially set up for him. In addition, Raumer was prorector of the university in 1858/59 and 1866/67 .

In 1870 he wrote his main work, Volume 9 of a series entitled History of Science in Germany , which was entitled History of German Philology, preferably in Germany . He is mentioned in Konrad Dudens The German Spelling in the preface as a significant influence on this font.

Raumer took part in the 19th century orthography discussion since 1855 . In 1875 he received an order from the Prussian Ministry of Culture to reform the orthography. At the Orthographic Conference in Berlin in 1876 , Raumer's proposals were introduced in part in Prussia and Bavaria. He was a representative of the so-called moderate phonetic direction , which tried to assert itself against the historical direction. In this context, the most important publication was On German Spelling , which is part of the scientific dispute with Karl Weinhold .


Rudolf von Raumer was married to Maria Schröder (1826–1893), daughter of the Fürth factory owner Eduard Schröder. He and her had eight children, four of whom died early. One of his many grandchildren was the historian Kurt von Raumer (1900–1982) and another was the lieutenant colonel of the Wehrmacht and envoy Hermann von Raumer (1893–1977), who was also the author of the family chronicle.


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