Hans von Raumer (politician, 1820)

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Hans von Raumer

Hans von Raumer (born October 13, 1820 in Giebichenstein near Halle , † March 27, 1851 in Erlangen ) was a German politician.

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Von Raumer was the son of the geologist, geographer and educator Karl Georg von Raumer and Friederike Reichart (1790–1869), daughter of the composer Johann Friedrich Reichardt , and brother of the linguist Rudolf von Raumer . From 1837 to 1841 he studied mining and then law at the universities of Munich, Berlin and Erlangen, where he also passed his exams. There he became a member and spokesman for the Bubenreuth fraternity , which he helped to regain strength after years of political persecution. From 1844 to 1848 he was a legal advisor in Dinkelsbühl before he was elected to the Frankfurt National Assembly in 1848 . There he was the youngest MP. He was friends with Schlegel , Ernst Moritz Arndt and Clemens Brentano .

In 1848 Raumer was elected to the legally qualified magistrate of Dinkelsbühl and in 1848 as a member of the Frankfurt National Assembly, making him the youngest member of parliament there, and in 1849 he also belonged to the Gotha post-parliament . In addition, he was involved as a co-founder and chairman of the Dinkelsbühler Gymnastics Club, had sports facilities built for Latin students and those in the higher elementary school classes, and founded a civil society . Influenced by the musical education in his family, he joined the Regensburg and later the Dinkelsbühler Gesangsverein in 1844 and took part in the Würzburg Singing Festival in 1845.

Inspired by his friendship with the Schleswig-Holstein pastor Heinrich Hansen , whom he had already met during his studies and in the fraternity and who had married his younger sister Anna, Raumer became increasingly involved in the Schleswig-Holstein issue . It was about the national affiliation of the Duchy of Schleswig , which was also a main topic of the Frankfurt National Assembly. At Raumer's initiative, on August 29, 1846, a public letter of solidarity from the cities of Dinkelsbühl, Feuchtwangen and Wassertrüdingen was sent to King Ludwig I of Bavaria with the request to include Schleswig, which was also claimed by the Danes, into the German Confederation . With the approval of the king, von Raumer then organized, among other things, local and supraregional citizens' assemblies, called for Freikorps, published his written appeal on November 21, 1848 in Frankfurt: “Call to the German men in my Franconian homeland” and founded a so-called “Beseler -Fonds ”, the proceeds of which were handed over to the Itzehoer MP Wilhelm Beseler , whom Raumer had got to know and appreciate at the Frankfurt National Assembly, to provide financial support for Schleswig-Holstein concerns. Disappointed by the dissolution of the Frankfurt National Assembly, but also frustrated by the sudden death in 1848 of both his wife Thekla von Brand, whom he had only married in 1846, and his one-year-old daughter Sophie, he continued to focus on other areas. His commitment to Schleswig-Holstein now gone so far that he was from 1849 to 1851 as a volunteer in the rank of lieutenant and adjutant generals Karl Wilhelm von Willisen and Ulrich von der Horst for the Schleswig-Holstein war reported. During this war, which ended in defeat, Raumer fell ill with typhus and died on March 27, 1851 at the age of only 31 in his parents' house in Erlangen.


The large district town of Dinkelsbühl named their new secondary school in 2005, as well as a street after Hans von Raumer.


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