Diocese of Brno

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Diocese of Brno
Map of the diocese of Brno
Basic data
Country Czech Republic
Metropolitan bishopric Archdiocese of Olomouc
Diocesan bishop Vojtěch Cikrle
Auxiliary bishop Pavel Konzbul
Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus Petr Esterka
Vicar General Jiří Mikulášek
founding December 5, 1777
surface 10,597 km²
Parishes 451 (2015 / AP 2016 )
Residents 1,387,000 (2015 / AP 2016 )
Catholics 546,000 (2015 / AP 2016 )
proportion of 39.4%
Diocesan priest 256 (2015 / AP 2016 )
Religious priest 91 (2015 / AP 2016 )
Catholics per priest 1,573
Permanent deacons 44 (2015 / AP 2016 )
Friars 111 (2015 / AP 2016 )
Religious sisters 243 (2015 / AP 2016 )
rite Roman rite
Liturgical language Czech
cathedral St. Peter and Paul
Website www.biskupstvi.cz

The Bistum Brno ( . Tschech : Biskupství Brněnské or Diecéze brněnská ; lat. : Dioecesis Brunensis ) is a suffragan of archbishopric Olomouc in the Czech Republic , based in Brno (Brno) .

Coat of arms of the diocese of Brno
Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul in Brno



After the border shifts of the Silesian Wars , which were finally determined in the Peace of Hubertusburg in 1763 , the diocese borders should also be adjusted to the new state borders. However, in the secret negotiations between Austria , Prussia and the Holy See , which were held between 1773 and 1774 and which provided for the creation of the dioceses of Troppau and Brno , no agreement could be reached. After the death of the Olomouc bishop Maximilian Reichsgraf von Hamilton the negotiations were resumed, but failed because of the negative attitude of Prussia, which would have had to do without large parts of the Archdiocese of Breslau , which were now in Austrian Silesia . The Bohemian Queen Maria Theresa therefore gave up the establishment of a diocese of Opava and at the beginning of 1777 negotiated with the Holy See about the establishment of the diocese of Brno, the necessity of which she justified with pastoral aspects.


Pope Pius VI founded the diocese of Brno in the summer of 1777 for the central and southern part of Moravia , to which the districts of Brno, Znojmo and Jihlava as well as the lordships of Chirlowitz and Wischau were assigned. At the same time he raised the diocese of Olomouc to the archbishopric and Brno to its suffragan diocese .

The new diocese of Brno consisted of 18 deaneries with 151 parishes and 28 locales. The cathedral became the Brno Collegiate Church of St. Peter and Paul. The collegiate chapter , which had existed there since 1298, was elevated to a cathedral chapter , and its provost Matthias Franz Chorinský von Ledska was appointed first bishop.

18th and 19th centuries

Big problems arose for the newly founded diocese in training priests after the Jesuit colleges in Brno , Znojmo and Iglau were abolished in 1773 . Since Brno was the seat of the Moravian provincial government, the University of Olomouc with the theological faculty was relocated to Brno in 1778 , but soon got into disputes between Jansenists and conservative theologians, on whose side Bishop Chorinský stood, who was unable to assert himself. The university was moved back to Olomouc in 1782 and in the same year eight monasteries, including the important Klosterbruck Abbey , were dissolved on diocesan territory on the instructions of Joseph II .

Chorinský's successor Johann Baptist Lachenbauer , a supporter of the Josephine reforms , endeavored to implement them in an exemplary manner. Only during the term of office of Bishop Vinzenz Joseph Graf von Schrattenbach could the Brno seminary be built in the building of the former Dominican monastery . In 1862 the deanery Wischau was spun off and assigned to the Archdiocese of Olomouc.

20th century

After the death of Bishop Karel Skoupý in 1972, there was a vacancy until 1989 because the communist rulers of what was then Czechoslovakia prevented a new establishment. Only after the Velvet Revolution of 1989 could Vojtěch Cikrle be appointed and consecrated as the new Bishop of Brno. He has been assisted by Petr Esterka as auxiliary bishop since 1999 .

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