Johann Baptist Lachenbauer

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Johann Baptist Lachenbauer OCr (Czech: Jan Křtitel Lachenbauer ; * 1741 in Braunau ; † February 22, 1799 in Brno ) was Bishop of Brno .


After attending the Benedictine grammar school in Braunau , Johann Baptist Lachenbauer studied theology in Prague, joined the Order of the Knights of the Cross with the Red Star in 1759 and was ordained a priest in 1764. Then he worked as a chaplain in religious parishes. In 1770 he was transferred to the Karlskirche in Vienna , where he became pastor in 1783. At the request of Emperor Joseph II , he became court preacher and first rector of the Vienna General Seminary, established in 1783 .

Bishop of Brno

After the death of Brno's first bishop Matthias Franz Chorinský von Ledska , the emperor nominated Johann Baptist Lachenbauer as his successor on December 7, 1786. The papal confirmation of January 29th, 1787 followed on February 22nd. J. in Vienna the consecration of bishop by Cardinal Christoph Anton Migazzi and the taking possession of the diocese on May 23rd. J.

Lachenbauer was a supporter of the Josephinian reforms and in 1789 appointed the former Klosterbrucker Premonstratensian Georg Norbert Korber, who had come into conflict with his pen because of his church-political views, to be the episcopal council and secretary. In addition, he surrounded himself with other Reform Catholics , with whose help he wanted to transform his diocese into a model of Josephine. In 1790 he refused to support the other Austrian bishops who were calling for the general seminars to be abolished. Probably for this reason the emperor appointed him "Real Secret Council" .

During his tenure, the Brno Cathedral was redesigned in the Baroque style. With the Olomouc Archbishop Anton Theodor von Colloredo-Waldsee-Mels he was able to reach an agreement on the administration of the episcopal endowment Chirlitz.


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