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Franz Anton Gindl (Czech: František Antonín Gindl ; born September 15, 1786 in Ratten ; † October 24, 1841 in Gurk ) was Bishop of Brno and Bishop of Gurk .

Bishop Franz Anton Gindl (1841)
Bishop Gindl's grave


Franz Anton Gindl, a native of Styria, was the son of a hammer union administrator, both parents died early. After attending school in Friedberg, he studied at the Humaniora in Graz and then entered the Admont Benedictine monastery as a novice . The fluent student learned not only the biblical languages ​​Latin, Greek and Hebrew but also French, Italian and Slovenian. On September 8, 1809, he was in Seckau for priests ordained . He got his first job as a pastor in the French-occupied Stainz. He worked for 14 years as court chaplain and secretary for Bishop Johann Friedrich von Waldstein-Wartenberg from Seckau . In 1824 he became Gubernialrat in Graz, Canon von Seckau and finally in 1827 also Provost of the Cathedral . Two years later he was appointed spiritual advisor to the court chancellery in Vienna. In 1830 he was appointed real councilor and assessor of the study court commission. The brother of Emperor Franz I , the Archbishop of Olomouc, Archduke Rudolf , appointed Gindl as auxiliary bishop in Olomouc and titular bishop of Aureliopolis in Lydia on September 30, 1831 . The Bishop of Seckau , Roman Sebastian Zängerle , was ordained a bishop . After Archduke Rudolf died in the same year, Gindl's powers of jurisdiction expired.

After the death of Bishop Wenzel Urban von Stuffler from Brno on November 16, 1831, Franz Anton Gindl was nominated as his successor. The papal confirmation of January 22, 1832 was followed by the assumption of office on July 2 of the same year. On September 7, 1836, he assisted in the coronation of Emperor Ferdinand I as King of Bohemia in St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague .

On January 23, 1841, Franz Anton Gindl was appointed bishop of Gurk by Emperor Ferdinand I and enthroned on August 2, 1841. After a serious illness, however, he died on October 24, 1841 and was buried in the Klagenfurt St. Ruprecht cemetery on the wall of the parish church.


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