Karl (Württemberg-Bernstadt)

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Karl von Württemberg-Bernstadt (born March 11, 1682 in Juliusburg ; † February 8, 1745 in Bernstadt ) was Duke of Württemberg- Bernstadt .


Karl was the only surviving child of Duke Julius Siegmund von Württemberg-Juliusburg (1653–1684) from his marriage to Anna Sophia (1647–1726), daughter of Duke Adolf Friedrich I of Mecklenburg-Schwerin . Until 1704 he became Duke of Württemberg-Juliusburg after the death of his father in 1684. He attended the Rudolph-Antoniana Knight Academy in Wolfenbüttel . After the death of Duke Sylvius II. Friedrich von Oels , Karl's uncle Christian Ulrich took over the Duchy of Oels and Karl moved to the part of the Duchy of Bernstadt . On December 20, 1703 he married in MeiningenPrincess Wilhelmine Luise (1686–1753), daughter of Duke Bernhard I of Saxony-Meiningen . The marriage remained childless.

Karl ruled arbitrarily and wastefully. His councilors therefore turned to Emperor Joseph I in 1740 , who ruled against the duke. In 1742 Karl asked his governor for a new wig, which was not granted because of the "empty cassa". He sold the rule of Goschütz and the town of Festenberg , the latter to Count Heinrich von Reichenbach-Goschütz (1705–1775).

Since Karl's marriage had remained childless, after his death Bernstadt fell to Duke Karl Christian Erdmann von Oels , who was able to reunite all of the Silesian branches of the Württemberg house.


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