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Karl Brunn (born October 20, 1931 ; † March 1, 2004 ) was a German soccer player who was an offensive player from 1955 to 1960 in the then first-class Southwest soccer league with a total of 111 league games and 36 goals for the clubs Eintracht Bad Kreuznach and FK Pirmasens is run. From 1958 to 1960, the attacker belonged to the championship team of FK Pirmasens in the Oberliga Südwest for three rounds in a row. The versatile striker scored one goal in 12 final rounds of the German soccer championship .


Neureut and Durlach, until 1955

Karl Brunn learned the soccer game at his home club FC Neureut in North Baden amateur soccer. In the 1950/51 round he just missed promotion to the 1st Amateur League North Baden with the runner-up. After the striker and his club from the then still independent Neureut had only occupied eighth place in the second amateur league Mittelbaden (season 1) in the 1951/52 season, he accepted the offer from ASV Durlach for the 1952/53 season and switched to the team from the Turmbergstadion in the 2nd league south . He gained three years of playing experience under the coaches Paul Slopianka-Hoppe, Heinz Trenkel and Curt Schulze in the southern German contract players' camp. With players like Karl-Heinz Mosakowski , Heinrich Schön , Theo Sommerlatt and Franz Ulaga , he finished seventh (1953) and tenth (1954) in the first two years, before joining Durlach in the third year, in the 1954/55 season descended into the amateur camp. Brunn had several offers, had almost certainly landed with the 2nd league competitor SV Wiesbaden and then signed at short notice with Eintracht Bad Kreuznach in the southwest league.

League football, 1955 to 1960

Brunn was banned for four months during the course of the round because he was accused of financial irregularities in connection with his connection with Wiesbaden in the summer of 1955. In his first round under coach Josef Rasselnberg , 1955/56 , the attacker was only able to play 19 league appearances for the team from the Nahe valley in which he scored five goals to reach eighth place alongside his former storm colleague and new Eintracht- Striker with 21 goals, Karl-Heinz Mosakowski, contributed.

In his second season at Bad Kreuznach, 1956/57 , Brunn distinguished himself with twelve goals in 28 league appearances. With his achievements he aroused the interest of more ambitious clubs and joined FK Pirmasens for the 1957/58 season.

At FKP, the master maker from Dortmund, Helmut Schneider , took over the coaching position and brought Helmut Kapitulski with him from Borsigplatz to the shoe city. Since the dangerous Herbert Schroer had also signed in Schuhstadt, the team from " Horeb " was a serious championship contender. After the first half of the season, Pirmasens led the Oberliga Südwest with 27: 3 points. At the side of the outstanding attacker Kapitulski (24 goals), the storm colleagues Hans Breitzke, Heini Seebach, Herbert Schroer and Emil Weber, Brunn celebrated the championship with 27 league appearances and six goals at the end of the round . In the home game that was lost 1: 3 goals against 1. FC Saarbrücken on February 23, 1958, Brunn was sent off and the FKP was not allowed to play two home games on the "Horeb". In the shortened final round of the German championship because of the World Cup in Sweden, he ran in the three games against 1. FC Nürnberg (2: 2), 1. FC Cologne (1: 1) and Hamburger SV (1: 2) each on half right on the side of right winger Schroer. In his second season at the Horeb stadium on Zweibrücker Strasse, 1958/59 , he improved his record in successfully defending his title to ten goals in 26 league appearances. Overall, the attack scored 95 goals with Schroer, Brunn, Seebach, newcomers Richard Sehrt, Kapitulski and Breitzke in the southwest. In the 1959 finals , the FKP started on May 16 in Ludwigshafen in front of 60,000 spectators with a sensational 4-0 win against West Champion 1. FC Köln . Kapitulski (2), Seebach and Schroer stood out as goalscorers against the Cologne defense around Fritz Ewert , Herbert Dörner , Karl-Heinz Schnellinger and Hans Sturm . At the later German champions Eintracht Frankfurt, the Southwest representative lost 2: 3 goals in front of 81,000 spectators in the Waldstadion on May 23. In his third season, 1959/60 , Brunn scored three goals in 15 league appearances in the title hat trick. The newcomer Heinz Hohmann (28 games / 19 goals) immediately gained a regular place in attack and was also an important goal scorer. In the final round, however, the southwest champion did not convince with 1:11 points. Brunn scored the Pirmasens goal in the 1-1 home draw against 1. FC Köln.

In the 1960/61 season, Pirmasens signed two new offensive players, Klaus Matischak and Rolf Fritzsche , plus the international Rudolf Hoffmann for the defensive, so that after 64 league appearances for Pirmasens with 19 goals and winning three southwest championships in the summer of 1960, Brunn resigned Pirmasens finished and joined the Freiburg FC in the 2nd League South.

Freiburg and end as a contract footballer, 1960 to 1963

Brunn played three rounds from 1960 to 1963 for the FFC in the 2nd League South. Together with players like Horst Wilkening (from 1960), goalkeeper Peter Kunter , midfielder Heinz Crawatzo (both from 1961) and in the last year of the old league system before the introduction of the Bundesliga, 1962/63, with Karl-Heinz Bente and Emil Poklitar , He took sixth place twice with the team from the Möslestadion and, in 1963, by reaching fifth place, helped to get the nomination for the newly introduced South Regional Football League from 1963/64 on for the FFC .

In the summer of 1963 he moved from Breisgau back to his home in Karlsruhe and ended his football career in the amateur area there.


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