Karl Gustav von Berneck

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Karl Gustav von Berneck. Graphic by Hermann Scherenberg.

Karl Gustav von Berneck (born October 28, 1803 in Kirchhain ( Niederlausitz ), † July 8, 1871 in Berlin ) was a novelist and military writer .


Berneck attended the Berlin Cadet House from 1817 and joined the army as a cavalry officer in 1820 . At the general war school in Berlin he devoted himself from 1823 to 1826 to the study of history and modern languages, which he continued during his garrison life. In 1839 he was appointed as a history teacher at the Division School in Frankfurt (Oder) , later as Rittmeister and member of the High Military Examination Commission as well as teacher of tactics at the Cadet House and the history of the art of war at the United Artillery and Engineering School in Berlin, and in 1856 professor of the Mathematics at this institution and at the same time made a major . Retired in 1862, he died in Berlin on July 8, 1871.


Berneck's novellist works are mostly based on historical background, but due to the lack of leading ideas, they did not arouse constant interest. He himself collected a number of the novels and stories scattered in paperbacks and magazines (Leipzig 1837, 3 vols.); others are in his works:

  • Foam pearls of the present (Bunzlau 1838),
  • Vom Born der Zeiten (Berlin 1844, 3 vols.),
  • Wildfire (Berlin 1845, 2 vols.),
  • Girandola (2nd edition, Leipzig 1859),
  • In the heart of Germany (Berlin 1869, 2 vol.) Included.

After A. von Tromlitz's death in 1839, he continued the Alamanache historical-romantic paperback series “Vielliebchen” with the 15th year

He also delivered several tragedies ( Jakobäa , 1853), the texts for Conradin Kreutzer's operas Die Hochländerin and König Konradin and translated, among other things, Dante's Divine Comedy (Stuttgart 1840).


  • The Stedinger (Leipzig 1837)
  • The legacy of Landshut (Kottbus 1842, 2 vols.)
  • The son of Mark (Frankfurt a. O. 1848)
  • Salvator (Bremen 1851, 2 vol.)
  • The hand of the stranger (Leipzig 1857, 2 vol.)
  • The first robbery of Germany (Jena 1862, 4 vol.)
  • Madame de Brandebourg (Vienna 1863)
  • Germany's honor in 1813 (Jena 1864, 3 vol.)
  • Katharina von Schwarzburg (Leipzig 1868, 3 vol.)
  • The Count of Liegnitz (Jena 1869, 3 vol.)
  • King Murat's End (Berlin, Globus 1913)


  • Elements of Tactics (6th edition, Berlin 1870);
  • History of the Art of War (3rd edition, Berlin 1867);
  • Book of battles (Leipzig 1856) among others

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